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Pitt Panther Press Conference

This will be my first post, and I am excited to bring you my take on what’s going on in the world of not just Pitt Sports, but but also all of Pittsburgh Sports.

Todd Grahams first  “weekly” Press Conference was short but sweet. He spoke a great deal about his passion for the team and what they are doing, including his emphasis on “The Pitt Way”. In the spring, the players signed their own declaration or you could even call it the Pitt bill of rights. This document explains that the Pitt Way is more than about being successful on the field, but also in the classroom. To show how far the coach has taken this character change, halfway through fall practice the staff outlawed swearing by not only the coaches but the players, they are not allowed to wear jewelry, and last but not least, suits are to be worn to all games.

As far as scheme, Coach Graham is all about “speed, speed, speed and explosive power” He talked a bit about Buffalo, Pitts’ first opponent and their capabilities including having a similar offense as what you will be seeing from Pitt. Though, that was about it, as his main theme was tempo and how Pitt needs to just play their way, with tempo and without key mistakes. .

As for my opinion, I can not wait till Saturday at 6 pm on ESPN3 so that I can watch this new high energy brand of football. As a fan, I have high hopes for this season, and can not wait to kick it off.

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