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Sidney Crosby Presser

Sid had a press conference today, after weeks of speculation.     He was there with his Doctors and Pens GM Ray Shero.      After reviewing the tape of the press conference, I am convinced of nothing. 

I know the local and national talking heads  have absolutely got some quotes wrong.    First off, I watched  PTI today on ESPN and the soundclip that came out of the press conference that they covered was “I have no unearthly idea when Sid is coming back”.    That is also the same soundbite that the locals are referencing.    That is not at all what I heard.    Dr. Collins was asked about Sid starting the season, or when he was coming back.    He stated “as for Sid coming back on Oct 6th (Start of the season), I have no unearthly idea if he will be come back by then”.    That is completely different then, I have no unearthly idea when he will return.     What the doctors and Shero did emphasize is that when he comes back he will be ready and completely recovered from the Concussion.  

As for my “gut feel”    I think he will come back, not sure when and not sure for how long, but he will never be the same player he was.    I do not think the NHL truly cares about their players, and it is evident in their actions and rulings.     The ice rink in my opinion is just too small for the speed and power that the players now play with.     The size of the players as a whole is so much greater than it was in years past.    If you see video of when Gordie Howe played, it looked like they were playing Hockey on a soccer field, where as now the ice looks like a traffic jam.    I love Hockey, but they way that it is played today needs to change, and in a hurry!

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