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Pens Win on Opening Night in the Burgh!

It was a great opening night in Pittsburgh with all of the Pittsburgh Stars aligning for the night.    And that would include having Crosby and Malkin on the ice….Well in suits that is.   

This Penguin team must be so used to not counting on Crosby and Malkin after all of this time.     In a strange way, it’s almost like they have learned to not even count on them.    If they play, well it’s bonus, if they do not well it is still time to lace them up and win.     And that is what they do well.   Just Win Baby.     Just like last year, they have young players stepping up into rolls they could have only dreamed about.     If you would have told me before the season started that after 4 games Matt Cooke would be leading the team in goals scored, I would have said this team is in real trouble.    But not so much after watching them the first 4 games.    They play great team defense and Fleury, whom I have never been a huge fan of, is playing great hockey.    It is early, but so far so good.   

The big test will be against the Caps on Thursday, and I for one can not wait to watch that.     Though it would be nice to see Malkin on the ice.     I understand neither Crosby or Malkin can control injuries, but as a fan it is starting to become normal to not have them on the ice.    Almost eerily normal.     I hope this is not a trend that goes any further than the beginning of the this season.   

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