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The Bears Continue To Slide

The Chicago Bears continued their annual December slide, by losing to the Minnesota Vikings 21 to 14. The score was really not that close, as the Bears offense again couldn’t get going. The mistakes have really started to pile up on this team that started the season 7 and 1. With losing 4 out of the last 5, you have to ask yourself is the mild Lovie Smith ready to get packing. That might be the thing to do if you are the Bears organization, because this trend is not new.

Jay Cutler who left the game in the fourth with a stiff neck, was 22 for 44 for 260 yards, and a touchdown and two interceptions, one that went in for a score by Vikings safety Harrison Smith. This is nothing new, but it wasnt the whole story on Sunday. From the first play of the game Adrian Peterson set the game,  and the pace for the Vikings with a long run on the first play from scrimmage. The Vikings came out quick and ferocious, and the Bears just couldn’t recover. The one bright star of the Bears offense was yet again, Brandon Marshall who had 10 catches for 160 yards. He wasnt without a mistake either though, he failed to haul in a sure touchdown in the fourth quarter, that would have tied the game. Marshall after the game said, “we all let the team down” I’ve got to do better.” That may be true but any football fan can see Marshall is not the problem.

The Bears coaches and players are already starting to talk about winning out, and with the 7 and 1 start, that is a shame. With a lot of veterans on the team they should know what to do when it comes to games in December, but yet again, they are failing. Call this what you want but it comes down to preparation, and the Bears are not fulfilling that for the second year in a row. The road to the division or even a wildcard is getting tough, and the window for opportunity is closing. They have the hot Green Bay Packers coming up and nobody really sees the Bears winning this game. The exception might be Julius Peppers, who says ” We don’t need to do anything heroic or super-human to beat Green Bay.” I know don’t laugh to hard at that, but he has a point. Green Bay has been the kryptonite for the Bears for a while now, but if they can run and execute on offense they may have a chance at home. It’s a very slight one, but in  this years NFL nothing is a sure thing. They need to do something fast because for a second year the Bears will be watching the playoffs from their couch.

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