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Why Are Sports Fans So Crazy And Ruthless

It appears that sometimes in life we let emotions get the best of us. It happens everyday, whether you argue with loved ones, or good friends, people do and say things they can’t take back. In the case of the sports fan this is not a new concept. Rival fans bicker back and forth and even go to blows, to protect the honor of their team’s name. Some fans, which I will call crazy, and not right in the head go to extremes, and will shoot, or even beat the rival to near death.

Some instances come to mind in the last couple years. One incident was the San Francisco Giant fan, who was beaten into a coma outside of Dodger Stadium by you guessed it, a Dodger fan. You have to ask yourself, what could have been going in the mind of these “fans?” I hate to even say they are true fans, as much as ruthless thugs who get a high off of beaten other true fans. Another questionable fan did something so heinous, that I hope they are in prison, but I never heard if they got caught. That incident was after a Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers game, in which the Bears won by a field goal. Inside of a bar a Bear fan bought a Steelers fan a drink, just to say I hope there is no hard feelings over the game. What the Steelers fan didn’t know there was an illegal or poison substance in that drink and would later become blind. Was this a prank or did the Bears fan know exactly what he was doing? It is sickening non the less. What were these guys thinking?

Now last night there was news that an argument between a Chicago Bulls fan and a Philadelphia 76ers fan led to gun shots on a crowded bus. The game was played in Philadelphia, and we all know the reputation those fans have. Since it Christmas time, they are the fans that booed Santa Claus. Anyway the Bulls fan and a witness, who tried to calm the situation down were shot. Both will live, but it could have resulted in death. How far is this going to go? It’s a good thing to defend your team, but why is there so much loyalty that you would pull out a gun, and try to shoot someone? I feel these people are just a few fries short of a happy meal.

Ok, my point has been that we as sports fans are allowed to voice our opinions, and defend our teams that we love. When we do it with stupidity, and violence we should get our sports fan card revoked. Going to a sporting event is supposed to take away our everyday grind that is our lives. We want to take our kids, and families to enjoy something that we all enjoy. When its a few idiots that do these acts of violence it hurts a lot of people. I hope for everyone’s sake that they do something to these thugs. I hope if you do something crazy and foolish that you are banned for life to enter any stadium to watch sports. I for one love to take my family to sporting events, and I pray I never will have to look over my shoulder for some idiot that wants to fight or worse yet shoot me. Remember it only takes a couple of whack jobs to ruin it for everybody, and I hope that day never comes.



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