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Vijay Singh Not Suspended???


Ok. Wait just one minute.  How in the world is Vijay Singh NOT suspended by the PGA Tour for using a banned substance?  Didn’t he admit to using it?

The PGA Tour officially dropped the case against Vijay Singh for violating the anti-doping policy.  This was done after the World Anti-Doping Agency declared that it no longer considered the use of deer antler spray prohibited.

I’m no expert, but if a player admits to using a banned substance shouldn’t they be punished?  Call me crazy but this whole thing doesn’t make any sense.  How is he not being punished?

I’m not the only person that feels this way.  Greg Norman had some harsh words for the PGA Tour calling their testing policies and procedures “disgraceful”.

“You only have to look at what happened to Vijay Singh just recently to know the drugs issue is there,” Norman told The Australian newspaper in comments published Monday.

“How deep it is (the problem), I have no idea because we only do urine analysis instead of blood testing,” Norman said. “If you really want to be serious about it and find about what’s really going on, we need to do blood testing. I think it’s disgraceful, to tell you the truth. The golf associations have to get together and step it up.” (AP)

Strong words from former No. 1 golfer in the world.

And I agree 100% with The Shark!  There needs to be stricker testing policies and procedures in professional golf.  And I hope this circus of a senario brings that to light.

Most people don’t think that drug testing is necessary in golf because it is not a physical contact sport.  Have you ever walked 72 holes in 4 days??  Have you hit 500 balls on the range before??  Golf is physically demanding in a stamina type way.  Not all PEDs are designed to add muscle and strength as in the traditional steriod.  Building a stronger, more steady muscle foundation is a benefit to golf.

Look at Tiger Woods.  Now tell me that physical fitness cannot improve your golf game.  Look at Adam Scott, the reigning Masters champion. He is rock solid.  Now tell me that the PGA Tour does not need to be concerned with PEDs. (And no I am not accusing either of these guys of juicing).

The fact of the matter is, that it is laughable the way the PGA Tour and commissioner Tim Finchem has handled this Vijay Singh situation.  It is more laughable that the bigger issue is totally ignore everyday on the PGA Tour.

Get it together fellas.  Golf is going to the Olympics in 2016 and oh, by the way…those boys take their drug testing pretty seriously.  I’m just saying.

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