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Ryan McDonagh Is Staying In New York

Blue is such a beautiful color on you! (Photo: Melissa Andus)

Blue is such a beautiful color on you! (Photo: Melissa Andus)

For those who have followed me the past year, you know my feelings on guys who were born in Minnesota and are playing for the Rangers. For those who don’t, put simply I am a fan. So seeing two of my boys  (well, three but I knew Michael Sauer unfortunately wasn’t returning) up for contract this summer put me a little on edge.

Therefore when news broke over the weekend that Ryan McDonagh was close to signing a new contract I breathed a sigh of relief. When news came out this morning that it was a six year deal worth $4.7 million per year, I had a huge smile on my face. When the Rangers tweeted making it official, I did a little happy dance at my desk. The Mac Truck is locked up for six years and no one (not even Montreal) can touch him. Breathe a sigh of relief Rangers fans.

Now Glen Sather needs to turn his attention to the other Minnesota-born Ranger, Derek Stepan. Because if I see another article like this one (or worse one actually saying he received an offer sheet), it won’t be pretty.

But for now, welcome back Mac!

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