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FV LogoSo, most of you fellow readers of Sports Monger Hockey News may have noticed that an insane amount of female writers has all of a sudden come aboard here. With any sudden change comes a reason behind it. Our reason? We’re going to be launching a new site! Within the next couple of days you’re going to be introduced to something entirely new, an NHL network run solely by females! Seriously guys, does it get much better than a female who seriously knows her stuff about hockey? I think not. The network will be known as Faceoff Violation.

Another new piece, this site will have it’s own pages dedicated to each individual team. While they’re just getting started, they do have quite the stellar background, bringing with them almost a dozen fully covered teams. Below you will find a brief summary of each site that is being introduced and their editors.

Roughled Feathers (Anaheim Ducks)

Roughled Feathers is dedicated to all things Anaheim Ducks related. The lead writer/editor is Vicky Swanson, a Ducks fan to the core. She is also self-proclaimed Selanne’s number one fan. Here’s what she has to say;

Hey all. I’m Vicky, and in the Ducks world I’m known more popularly as ‘PrincessDuck’. You may recognize me, or I’m a new face to you. I’ve been an Anaheim Ducks fan since 97, when they were known for being Mighty. I pride myself on being knowledgeable of the sport, and I hope that I can provide insight. Not just for Ducks fans, but for fans from other areas. I’m not here to claim I’m perfect. I do, and will, make mistakes. I also fix the mistakes I make when I realize the error of my ways. I, like most fans, have teams I don’t care for. When I talk about them you’ll know who they are. I have teams I don’t mind. And there is only 1 team that has my heart & soul. Feel free to add me on Facebook and/or Twitter to get to know my personality and I better.

You can find Vicky as @PrincessDuck on Twitter, be sure to show her some quacky, qwerky love.

A Cup A Bruin (Boston Bruins)

A Cup A Bruin is brought to you by three enthusiastic and die-hard Boston sports fans. Their goal is to provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding trades, injuries, rumors and anything else Bruins related. You might find it odd that the both women are considered ‘Lead Writers’, but that’s because they want to give you the most information as much as possible. The way we look at it, the more input, the more information, the happier the reader. With the three of them writing, you will also have a variety of writing styles, so as not to bore you. Steph, Ariana and Madison do however have to disclose that they are die-hard Bruins fans and at any point in time will be bias towards their team, though they’ll try not to get too out of hand.

Most of you already know Steph (AKA me) from here on the Sports Monger Networks. However, this is where I started out, with A Cup A Bruin. This site is my pride and joy along with my co-writer Ariana Chapin and recent addition Madison DeMoranville, who also writes for the Monger Networks. In case you want to know a little more about me, well, here it is:

My starting point stems from early on in childhood when I would attend Portland Pirates games with my family. I came to know and follow one of the team members, and through following his career I fell in love with sport. Put together a love and admiration for the best sport in the world with a passion and knack for writing and you have me.

First and foremost I am a Boston Bruins fan and cover them on A Cup A Bruin on the Aerys Sports Network.  In following the career of Nolan Baumgartner and all of is progress, I was able to familiarize myself with a lot of teams that I wouldn’t normally consider liking seems as I live in Maine, but now I find myself listening to games online and buying NHL Center Ice packages to watch games from almost every Division.  In covering the Chicago Wolves I’m able to go back to my roots and the reason why I became a fan of the sport in the first place, following Nolan’s success in a different way and establishing one for myself at the same time.

You can follow Steph (me) @s_phillips44

Ariana is, still upset about losing Tyler Seguin to Dallas, but is hopeful that Chiarelli knows what he’s doing. She’s been a Bruins fan her entire life and aspires to be like Naoko Funayama and work with NESN some day.

I’m Ariana. 22. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. That right there should be an indication about the teams I support. First and foremost I’m a Bruins girl. I love hockey and even though I can’t ice skate to save my life, watching the games makes me feel like I’m right out there with the players. While I rep my black and gold like it’s my day job, I have a soft spot for the Flyers and Kings and occasionally like watching the Blackhawks. If there’s one team you will never see any positive things about from me it’s the Montreal Canadians (sorry it’s how I was raised). Besides hockey, I’m a student at UMass Amherst studying journalism, and someday I hope to work for the Bruins doing media relations. I’m fun, I talk too much, and I have a tendency for running around my house singing 90’s music. If you want to know more about the hilarity that is my life, follow me on twitter! I promise there’s never a dull moment =)

You can give Ariana a follow at @arimams 

Madison is the newest addition to the ACAB team and has shown a great amount of knowledge to the black and gold spoked-B’s. Steph and Ariana are more than thrilled to have her on board and are excited to have her in this new endeavor! She likes hockey a little and is a goalie enthusiast. Be sure to give her a follow @McQuaiding

Black And Blueshirts (New York Rangers)

Black & BlueShirts is the place for everything related to the New York Rangers. Their senior editor/writer is Melissa Andus, who was born to bleed blue but has picked up a few other teams along the way. But don’t worry, the Rangers will always be number one to her. Here’s her story:

Is it possible to be a fan before you are actually born? If so, that’s how long I’ve bled blue. Yes I took a break during those dark times in the 90s (it wasn’t cool to be a hockey chick then, leave me alone) but since the 2004-05 lockout I’ve been as hardcore as they come. (Having seasons tickets in the family for over 40 years will do that to you.)

I also have a little love for the Coyotes, Blackhawks and Blue Jackets. Why the Coyotes? Two words – Petr Prucha. Don’t even bring up that trade to me. As for the Blackhawks? Kind of jumped on their bandwagon in 2009 (a.k.a. year BEFORE they won their first Cup) and never left. At least I admit it though. And the Blue Jackets? Let’s just say I call them the Columbus Blueshirts.

So why is the blog Black and Blueshirts? Have you watched the Rangers play???? Pretty sure I don’t need to explain this but just in case, look at which team is always near the top of the list in blocked shots. Think that says it all. Although I wonder if that will change with Torts gone…

Follow this lovely lady @BlknBlueshirts

Hockey Tonkin’ (Nashville Predators)

Hockey Tonkin’ brings you into the world of the Nashville Predators. Here’s lead writer/editor Claire Mincher telling you what to expect in her words:

I’m Claire Mincher, the lead writer here at Hockey Tonkin’. As I write updates for Hockey Tonkin’, I look to bring you all the news and game results not only as I find them out but also to call ‘em how I see them.

My love for hockey all got started as a young figure skater watching the local players practice after my time on the ice. The Nashville Predators (among other teams) truly caught my interest after plenty of casual hockey watching and I’ve stuck with ‘em! In the meantime I also help run my school’s hockey club and look forward to following the Predators to a Stanley Cup and beyond!

Follow her at @claire_mincher

Backes to the Future (St. Louis Blues)

Backes to the Future is a blog bringing you news and updates on the St. Louis Blues and their minor league affiliate teams. The site is run by senior editor/writer Marissa Vicich and contributor Victoria Geisz. They claim you can find the following on their site: game previews & reviews, player profiles, prospect news, relevant links, ranting/raving/etc., opinions, fun memes or photoshop creations, other things to be determined, and basically everything related to the Blues organization and affiliates.

As for the ladies themselves, Marissa was born and raised in north central Illinois, AKA Blackhawks country. She became a Blues fan through a love of the Peoria Rivermen, and (mostly) hasn’t looked back since. She believes that hockey is at its best when teamwork is at the forefront and tradition is at the core. If you want to make her angry, talk down on the American Hockey League. There’s always room in her heart for another Russian or Pure American Soul. She’s passionate about sassy goalies, power forwards, fighters, and stay-at-home defensemen. Will love Ben Bishop forever.

Victoria is a fun-sized, home grown St. Louisan. She loves the St. Louis Blues with all her heart. The AHL’s Peoria Rivermen and ECHL’s Evansville Icemen are also dear to her. (She had too many favorite everythings.) She swears she is new to this but thanks to the Internet, says it may appear at times as if she knows things. She loves hockey for the history, the heart, the hip checks, and the hugs. Non-alliterative things she loves include: glove saves, blocked shots, smooth plays, and the fact that if you’ve got an issue with a guy, you can settle it right then and there. You don’t let the sun go down on your anger. (That’s biblical.) She is FAR too nice for hockey 95% of the time. The rest of the time, she is a pretty creative insult generator. As a Blues fan, she firmly believe that they fill the Stanley Cup-shaped void in our lives with puppies. For now. She would like Hitch to be president.

Be sure to give each of these lovely ladies a follow @PietranJello and @VictoriaPaige56

Get Higher (Colorado Avalanche)

Get Higher is where you will find everything in regards to the Colorado Avalanche. Their lead writer/editor is Sarah Russo-Pearl who when you listen to her, you will realize has quite an attachment to anyone who wears burgundy and blue. Here’s a little more about her:

I started watching the Colorado Avalanche when I was still learning how to walk and talk.  My cat is named Alex Tanguay (the man who scored the two goals in game seven of the 2001 Stanley Cup Championship).  I am terrified of tornadoes, and the Vancouver Canucks winning the Stanley Cup.

Also on the site is Todd Mathias who helps cover the Avs AHL affiliate, the Lake Erie Monsters. He is a native Clevelander and avid hockey, baseball and motorsports fan, in that order. He says he’s always willing to talk hockey with anyone who will listen and gladly introduce anyone who wants to the game of hockey.

Follow Sarah on Twitter at @GetHigherAvs

(Across the) Pond Hockey (International Hockey)

(Across The) Pond Hockey is the home for news and happenings in the international hockey world, focusing on IIHF tournaments as well as general news. Expect game recaps, news summaries, and a lot of passion for hockey in the posts written by our talented and diverse contributors!

Leiram Rivera Soto is the lead reporter. Here’s a little more about her in her own words, albeit written in the third person:

She has a problem choosing between all the teams she loves, and has thus covered Team Canada, Team Sweden, Team Czech, and Team Finland over the past year. She currently lives in Chicago and works full time in addition to attending grad school because she’s crazy. She enjoys hockey, World of Warcraft, writing, music, and films—and spends way too much time on the Internet. Leiram hates talking about herself but enjoys telling all her hockey stories, so feel free to contact her via email or Twitter. If she takes a bit to respond, she’s likely correcting rumors about her tattoo being Jonathan Toews’ on Tumblr.

Be sure to follow her at @CaptainMVP

Black Tie Required (Pittsburgh Penguins)

BTR brings you coverage revolving entirely around the Pittsburgh Penguins. While the lead writer is still very bitter with Ray Shero in regards to the Jordan Staal trade, she’s dedicated and could never give up on her team.

Josie Taylor may or may not be massively minorly obsessed with Jordan Staal and has been since the beginning of time. No, not really, but for a while. She loves her team, but isn’t afraid to show her anger and resentment when they do stupid things or completely flop. She’s one of the rarest and true to the core Penguins fans you will ever meet. Be sure to give her a follow @CrosbysStache

If you know someone who might be interested in covering one of the 30 NHL teams or any of the 30 AHL teams, e-mail Faceoff Violation at  Be sure to wish these lovely ladies good luck and stay tuned for more great things from them at @FOffViolation!

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