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Why I Will Miss Cal Clutterbuck

Photo By : Dinur Blum/flickr

Cal Clutterbuck

There are many reasons why I will miss Cal Clutterbuck. The first being his hits. BOOM. He could lay them down left and right. They were a thing of beauty. In the 2010-2011 season he led the League with 336 hits. For the past three seasons, he has led the NHL in hits. He always brought what we called the “Clutter”. He was a presence on this ice. He wasn’t a fighter but was willing to drop the mitts when opportunity arose. Many fans from opposing teams disliked him for that very reason. He was a pain in their side. I will miss seeing him at warmups smiling and joking around with the guys. he was pretty easy to get pictures of as he stood by the net collecting pucks. He was just fun to watch and was a big fan favorite. Last summer he did an episode of “Becoming Wild’ which followed him around during the summer. if you have not seen it, all the episodes are available to view at Check it out. Lastly, we will miss his stache or mustache. He has the greatest handlebar mustache when he grows it out. It is a thing of beauty and even has its own twitter account. Cal, you will always be loved in Minnesota. Just because your not playing here doesn’t mean that you won’t always be a part of the Wild. I wish you the very best and hope the Islanders fans appreciate you the way we do! Go light them up Clutter!

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