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San Jose Sharks Social Media Team In A Biting Mood

What do the San Jose Sharks and the newest Scyfy channel movie “Sharknado” have in common?  You would hope nothing.  However ESPN decided to capitalize on the trending movie and ask the Sharks if they had any plans to change their name.  “Hey @SanJoseSharks, thoughts on changing your name to the San Jose #Sharknado?”

The response has everyone talking: “Hey @espn, thoughts on showing more hockey highlights?”


In two hours the tweet has almost 11,000 retweets, and dozens of news articles describing the interaction.

Other NHL teams are chiming in:

The Dallas Stars gave a virtual high five for the chirp, the Detroit Red Wings thought the response was well played and the Columbus Blue Jackets figured why not retweet.

The St. Louis Blues however, decided to put their own spin on things, mentioning a playoff game they won against the Sharks a couple years ago. “Hey @SanJoseSharks – There’s been a lot of @Sharknado chatter and we think we know what it’s about….”


Again, the response was curt, making you wonder if the social media team is having a bad day.  “@StLouisBlues We heard it was about a science fiction movie on television, not a playoff game from two years ago.”

Either way, the Sharks have gained a ton of exposure that will most likely continue through the evening.

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