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4 year deal for Ex-Devil Kovalchuk in KHL, Could Brunner Be Replacement?

According to a source out of Moscow Ilya Kovalchuck will be signing a 4 year deal with the KHL (Continental Hockey League) team SKA St. Petersberg as we all expected. There are no figures being released yet but rumors have been going around that it is going to be a lot and  he may become the highest paid hockey player to ever play in the KHL.

Kovalchuk played for SKA St. Petersberg during the 2012-2013 lockout and put up 18 goals and 24 assists in 36 games. He was also the captain of the team. There has been no mention of whether he will be captain again or not.

This is good and bad news if you’re a Devils fan. The Good news is there is an opportunity for him to come back, the bad news is there still is an opportunity for him to come back. After all the “Jersey Burning” pictures I’ve seen I don’t think the Devils fans are going to want him back. Still if he does choose to come back to the NHL after 4 years in the KHL he would still be a Devil.

While all this has been going on the Devils have been looking at still-available 27 year old Free agent  Damien Brunner who played 44 games for the Detroit Red Wings during the shortened season. He put up 12 goals and 14 assists in those 44 games and in 14 Playoff games he put  up 5 goals and 4 assists. Right now the devils are doing a lot of back ground checking on him. He would most likely be filling that now open Right wing spot. He’s obviously no Kovalchuk but signing him would be a step in the right direction as the Devils enter an eminent rebuilding phase.

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