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Predators Prospects Roundup: Jones Signs


Jones has a shiny new contract. (Photo: Sarah Fuqua/flickr)

As Nashville Predators fans may well know, it’s prospect camp time in the NHL. But what is most interesting isn’t what’s happening on the ice; for once it’s the paperwork that has the Predators all smiles.

In a slow week of Nashville Predators news, General manager David Poile announced that the Predators’ first draft pick of 2013 has signed a three year entry level contract with the Predators organization.

Congratulations Seth Jones, your pay grade just went up. In fact, his contract will cap out at $3.225 million. Welcome to the real world kid. Now just do your job.

On the subject of young Predators, Jones is not the only youth preparing to duke it out for a spot on the 2013-2014 roster. Set to return for next season is Swede Fillip Forsberg, the forward who everyone hoped would be the secret weapon to get into last season’s playoffs but still needed development. Work hard Forsberg, we’re rootin’ for ya!

Other players to keep an eye on in the battle of roster positions include forward Taylor Beck and defenseman Victor Bartley, both of whom made their Nashville debuts late last season.

Throw in all of the draftees and Milwaukee players from prospects camp and the Game of Rosters becomes a true test of skating skills!

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