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Patrick Marleau Devoted to Teal

Today, the San Jose Sharks decided to celebrate Patrick Marleau in The Daily Chomp, and why not?  He is one of the most beloved members of the Sharks.

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The man was drafted in 1997, selected number two overall, second only to his current teammate Joe Thornton.   In January of 2011, Patty became the youngest player ever to reach his 1,000th NHL game within one organization.  Since then, he has become one of the fastest NHL players on the ice and debatably one of the fans favorite players.

Marleau started the 2012-13 season off spectacularly, giving Sharks fans something to rave about.  Patty became the second player in NHL history to record four consecutive multi-goal games to begin a season.  The first… back in 1917; we’ll take this as quite an accomplishment!  Despite the season not continuing the way it started, Marleau gave his fellow players something to be encouraged about.  On the down side, certain critics blame Marleau for the lackluster season, saying that as a leader, he was not scoring enough towards the end of the season.  And of course there is the never ending hatred coming from Jeremy Roenick. But does this stop the Sharks from proving these judgments wrong time and time again?  Not a hope!

Frank Albin, Director of Broadcasting of the San Jose Sharks wrote:

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“It’s been a long time since the 17-year-old in training camp… During his long tenure with the Sharks, Marleau has played some great hockey. 500 goals, 1000 points and a retired number 12 could be in his future. But the real prize Marleau and Northern California fans have in mind is the Stanley Cup.”

Marleau is just shy of 17 years in one sweater, however after this coming season, he is a free agent… will he go the remainder of his career with one franchise, or branch off elsewhere in the coming years?  Personally, I hope he stays and helps lead the Sharks to finally winning a Stanley Cup!

I’ll leave you with some of Patty’s best plays in 2012-13!

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