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Kings go on signing frenzy, shore up team for next season.

There are a lot of changes happening in sunny Los Angeles. Over the last few weeks, the Los Angeles Kings signed two of their defensemen for two more years, traded for a forward, in the same afternoon, did not resign one of their stars, then signed their Captain to tidy eight year deal. It’s expected for things to change, it’s the summer and this when the teams shore up their defenses, add strength to their lines and shake off the last season. It’s a period of disruptive renewal.

When Forward Daniel Carcillo got traded to the Kings for a conditional sixth round pick, my first thought was ‘Wow. I thought he would be a Hawk forever.’ He’s been recorded saying how much he loves being a part of the Blackhawks, although that’s common enough in the NHL, I always felt he was very happy there. He produced and he was a solid player. I’m not saying he was the best, but there was a lot of strength there. I’m hoping that he brings that to the Kings. There’s also the part that he played with Richards and Carter back with the Flyers. Another #Reunited and it feels so good? Only time will tell.

Within an hour of gaining Carcillo, Left Wing (And Pancake Aficionado) Dustin Penner was reported to be signed to the Anaheim Ducks. Penner seems to be very excited to go to Anaheim. He’ll be missed but I think it’s a decent move by Penner and the Ducks. He has friends there and this may reignite his game. He’s being looked at to bring stability and I hope that it works out.

Alec Martinez  and Jason Muzzin were also signed to two year contracts, ensuring that the defense won’t be weakened anytime soon. The two long time Kings players will enjoy two more years defending Quick and hopefully scoring some goals.

Also, as of June 18th, the Kings have signed Forward and Captain, Dustin Brown. I’m very happy to see this, considering the deals made with Jonathan Quick, Mike Richards, Jeff Carter, Drew Doughty and Slava Voynov. Brown has been a good leader for this team and hopefully that will continue. The Stanley Cup champion brings nine years of experience and last year’s Stanley Cup victory as well as his skill and leadership to the table. Dustin Brown, to me, is a very private and quiet sort of leader. He doesn’t tend to bring a lot of attention to himself, only his team. I think I would be more upset if they hadn’t locked him down because that would’ve been a massive waste of talent and potential.

I think the question that these moves leave us with is will it be enough for a second cup win? That’s the question on every fan’s mind and I’m sure it’s being considered by the organization as well. To me, Dean Lombardi is doing the right thing but only time will tell.

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