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Los Angeles Kings announce schedule, players to play in Sochi

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As you may have noticed, the NHL has (finally) released the 2013-2014 schedule. It’s a full 82 game season! Let’s see what’s coming for the Los Angeles Kings.

*First game is against the Wild, in lovely Minnesota. I think it’ll be interesting to see how their post-season moves have changed and shifted the team. Will the edition of Matt Cooke change things up? Let’s hope so, but I still hope we start off the season right.

*The first home game is against the New York Rangers. I’m a huge fan of the Rangers personally and I’m eager to see what changes Alain Vigneault, former coach of the Division Rival Vancouver Canucks, has brought to them.

*They face the San Jose Sharks at the end of October. I fully expect some high energy play as the Sharks have an opportunity to get back at the Kings for knocking them out of the running last year for the Stanley Cup.

*Speaking of the Stanley Cup, the Kings won’t be facing current champions, the Chicago Blackhawks, until sometime in December. Why is it taking so long, you ask? Beats me, but it’s weird.

*As for the Olympics, the NHLPA, NHL, IIHF, and the IOC have come to an agreement to allow the players to play for their National teams in Sochi. This is very exciting and I’m definitely relieved it happened. Which means….

*February is a short month, not only in days, but in games as the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics begin. 120 players from the league will be participating and while the teams are mum at the moment (and probably not quite solidified as of yet.) there is a lot of speculation around Quick perhaps stepping into the Net for America. Will he be the first Goalie this time? Will Miller try out? Is Tim Thomas even eligible? (I don’t think so actually) Dustin Brown did a great job in Vancouver and I’m sure he’d like another shot at representing the USA.  It’s still very early to tell but I’m sure we’ll know soon enough. As for Team Canada, the Kings have a lot to offer and I’m sure Mike Richards and Drew Doughty would appreciate having another medal. Gold or Sliver would look very nice in the locker room.

*In other news, the NHL has announced the new divisions. We’re still the Pacific! (Still sad that #Lumbus has been torn away from the Western Conference.)

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