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Highlights of the Coyotes 2013-2014 Schedule

By now you have undoubtedly had a chance to look over the schedule for the Coyotes 2013-2014 season. Unlike last year, we have 82 games and we are looking over the schedule in July. Well, this fan is pretty happy so let’s take a look at some highlights:

  • The Coyotes open at home on October 3rd hosting the Rangers. For the Coyotes and the pack this just had to be. Because we are playing the Rangers? Not quite. The season had to start at home this season because at arena in Glendale, Arizona the ice will be set, the lights will be on, and the concession stands will be staffed. After a long four years of uncertainty there is an owner in place and a signed lease agreement. Oh and be sure the arena will be SOLD OUT! This game means way more to the Coyotes than the numbers on the scoreboard but a win would be nice!
  • After the home opener, the longest road trip of the season for the Coyotes begins. This should also be called the “okay, show us what you’re made of right off the bat” trip. The Yotes face the Sharks, Islanders, Red Wings, Flyers and then the Hurricanes before bringing it back home.
  • October 26th the Oilers visit Arizona for the first time bringing back Boyd Gordon and Jason LaBarbera. Knowing the kind of players these two were, they will get plenty of respect and pack love!
  • Later in the season, the Coyotes will enjoy an after Christmas home stand that is their longest of the season spanning six games from December 31st till January 11th. The Yotes go on a quick two game road trip and then are home again for three more games.
  • One of the most interesting parts of this season’s home schedule for the Coyotes is that they are visited by all of the other 29 teams in the NHL. New ownership have something to do with that? Could be, but whatever the reason this is wonderful news for Coyotes fans and fans of hockey here in Arizona. We get to see, first hand, all the other teams come to battle our Yotes!
  • The Yotes regular season ends with two games at home in April against the Sharks and the Stars. We are all hoping for a great season this year and that these last few games will be the launching pad for the Coyotes playoff season.

You can take a look at the entire schedule here. Come out to the desert and enjoy some amazing hockey! See you in 74 days!

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