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Jaromir Jagr Signs with the Devils

So after all the rumors that have been going around this whole off-season, it looks like Jaromir Jagr finally found a home with his seventh NHL team; The New Jersey Devils!  Yes,  the 41-year-old forward from the  Czech Republic officially signed with the team today. No official terms were released yet but sportsnet reported the deal was $2 million for 1 year. Plus a $2 million bonus based on games played.

In the past week there has been a flurry of rumors coming from the Czech Republic, and here in the states, that he was within hours of signing to he was within days of signing. Nobody really knew what to believe, but yesterday things were starting to sound more official. released an article saying he agreed to a one year deal with the Devils. From then on more sources have been coming out with similar news. Then This tweet popped up on twitter yesterday from Pierre LeBrun.


So now the question is becomes how does signing a 41-year-old forward who is close to the end of his carer help a team that so desperately needs help(especially in the scoring category). Well I have three words for you;  1,688 career points. Yes he might be at the tail end of his carer, but it’s been an amazing one. With the loss of Kovalchuk and Clarkson, Jagr’s goal scoring is going to help out  tremendously . The man has had 1o seasons with 90+ points. Also he is just shy of 200 career playoff points. He has 681 career goals and 78 career playoff goals. So even though he is 41-years-old he knows how to score and that’s what the Devils need right now.

I’m also hoping he can bring some life back into the Devils power play. It got progressively worse last season. Especially when Kovalchuk was out. Now that we know Kovy will not be coming back this season the power play is really in trouble. Hopefully Jagr’s hockey sense and skill can add some UMPH back into it!

On a separate note it will be interesting to see who is in charge of the power play this coming season because Matt Shaw, the asst ant coach who ran the power play, left the Devils. (click to read more about his replacement )

I think this was a good addition to the team. I know a lot of Devils fans have mixed feeling about this, but hopefully everything works out for the benefit of the team.  Long-time Devil’s fans know Mr. Lamoriello knows what he’s doing.  Jagr is all around great hockey player and hey, we all  saw what he did for some of the young guys on the Flyers. Maybe he’ll light a fire under some of the younger, up-and-coming Devils!

This is just another reason that I can’t wait for the season to start. Our team is going to look pretty different then it did only two years ago but it’s time for the Devils to re-build. This obviously wasn’t the greatest long term decision but i think its a great decision for the Devils Now!

Welcome to Jersey Jagr!




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