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Gilbert Brule To Attend Phoenix Coyotes Training Camp

Gilbert Brule, ever heard of him? If you havent’ been following his story, you probably should look it up. Brule was the sixth overall pick in the 2005 entry draft by the Columbus Blue Jackets. Brule made his NHL debut that same year and spent the next seven years on a rocky, injury filled, up and down path in and out of the NHL. Brule’s history with the Coyotes began with his first NHL goal. Brule scored this milestone goal as a Blue Jacket on November 20, 2005 beating then Coyote goaltender, David LeNeveu. After Columbus, Brule was traded to the Oilers in the offseason before the 2008-2009 season. Gilbert Brule only spent one season in his NHL career as a Coyote during the 2011-2012 season. Brule then opted for free agency to go play in Switzerland heading into the 2012 lockout.

Much has happened for Gilbert on a personal level beginning early in his life and now he is going through a process of redefining himself as a person and as a hockey player. I don’t believe that anyone has seen the true talent and skill that this kid possesses, it has always been clouded by something in the past. This twenty-six year old seems so much older for all of the life that he has seen and all of the struggles in his personal and professional life that he has endured. So isnt’ it fitting that for the 2013 season, Brule would be coming to the Phoenix Coyotes training camp. Pardon the cliché but isn’t the Phoenix the bird that is regenerated and reborn out of fire to become new? For most Coyote fans, we wish Brule the very best and we would love to see him in a Coyotes jersey again this year! The Phoenix Coyotes as an organization are beginning a new chapter so Brule might just fit in well. I think most of us would love to watch him and see what he can actually do. Good luck Gilbert!

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