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Detroit Red Wings: Must Watch Games Of 2013-14 Season

With last years lockout and only a 48 game season, excitement is already looming for the 2013-14 season to start.  Only a few hours after the NHL agreed to have the players participate in the 2014 Olympics, next seasons full schedule was posted.During this time when the schedule comes out, most fans start planning there entire year. What away games can they go to when there out of town? What games are on theirs or loved ones birthdays? And best of all, when will there (ex) favorite player that jumped ship and joined another team be coming to town wearing a different sweater?

This is the time where new rivalry’s get started and old rivalries still leave a bad taste in peoples mouths. With a few teams moving to new conferences, this year will be nothing but great hockey and great entertainment.

For the Detroit Red Wings, there are a few games in the upcoming season that will have people buzzing and tickets will be a hot commodity.



Red Wings VS Senators

October 23rd @ 7:30 in Detroit and December 1st @ 5:30 in Ottawa.

These two games will be everything you expect. At the Joe, Alfie will get his first chance to ever play against the only  NHL team  he has ever known. I have no doubt in my mind that the fans at the Joe, his current teammates and his old, will  show him nothing but respect on that night in October.

On the other hand, December might be a different story. I believe mostly everyone in Ottawa, from what I’ve seen and heard,  understand why he did what he did. And if they don’t, I think most respect him enough for what he has done on that team and in the community to let him make his own decisions about his life and career. But, there are those people that will boo him. Probably the same people who burned there number 11 jerseys. People will boo in any city if that happened to them, so I understand why if it does happen. I personally think that Ottawa will show him nothing but respect on December 1st.




Red Wings VS Panthers

December 7th @ 7:00 in Detroit and December 10th @7:30 in Florida.
For Stephen Weiss, he was a free agent that wanted a chance in a different city. He played from 1999-2002 for the Plymouth Whalers in the OHL, just outside of Detroit. That is where he became a fan of the wings and still is getting compared to our beloved Steve Yzerman today. I don’t believe these games will be as noteworthy as the WINGSvsSENS games will but, Panther fans loved Stephen. It will be hard for them to see him in a winged wheel, I’m sure.



Other games,

November 9th @7:00 in Detroit. Detroit vs Tampa Bay Lightning and our first look at Valtteri Filppula with a blue sweater instead of red.

January 1st @ 1:00 in Detroit. Detroit vs Toronto for the Winter Classic special.

March 6th @7:30 (game) in Detroit. Detroit vs Colorado and Nick Lidstrom # 5 retirement ceremony.


At least there will be more great games that could come when we finally see where Damien Brunner ends up. Daniel Cleary is also someone that can make some noise if he does in fact move on from Detroit or if he stays in a red sweater.




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