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A Look at New Owners George Gosbee and Anthony LeBlanc

The Phoenix Coyotes have waited a long time for a new owner and now they have one. As the years stretched on and on, for the fans, the new owner could have been Mickey Mouse or the Easter Bunny and we would have been happy. The owner we ended up with, however, I think is more than we could have hoped for. The investment group, IceArizona Acquisition Co, LLC is headed up by George Gosbee and Anthony LeBlanc. These men are successful astute businessmen, committed to hockey in the desert, and oh boy, are they accessible to the fans.

Mr. Gosbee and Mr. LeBlanc were present at the first Open House at Arena after the ownership was finalized. The fans were there that night to pick out their season ticket seats and tour the Coyote locker room. For this open house the fans also were able to meet the new owners and exchange handshakes and conversation. I’m sure Gosbee and LeBlanc received plenty of congratulations and thank you’s that night!Anthony LeBlanc

Coyote fans have another way to say thank you to the new owners. Around the time of completion of the ownership deal, both Anthony LeBlanc and George Gosbee started twitter accounts. YAY! Gosbee can be followed @Goz100 and LeBlanc can be followed @anthonydleblanc . I have to admit that it is really nice to know that the owner of my hockey team is just a tweet away. This week the new owners are going one step further. Today George Gosbee took over the Phoenix Coyotes official twitter handle (@phoenixcoyotes) and answered fan questions for an hour. It was so fun to watch the questions and answers come rolling down my twitter feed. The questions ranged from a new Coyote license plate to growing youth hockey to his feelings about the White Outs and then all the way to possibilities of moving the team. Gosbee was pretty direct about answering that one. I recommend jumping on twitter and checking out the timeline @phoenixcoyotes for all of the questions and answers. Oh, and be around mid-day on Thursday because LeBlanc is going to jump on twitter and do it again!

For the fans of the Coyotes, we are on cloud nine a bit these days. Not only do we finally have an owner but we have one that is stable, committed, passionate, and accessible. If this is a dream, please don’t wake us up, and I think we might just blow the roof off of Arena on October 3rd right alongside our new owners!!!

Photographs by: Mike Bodner Thank you!

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