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NFL Picks: Week 3

Packers @ Bengals: Bengals
Bengals talent finally shows, Although the Pack ran for 100 plus yards last week I still have little faith in packer running game which is critical for Aaron Rodgers

Rams @ Cowboys: Cowboys
Toss up game in my opinion. Ill take the home team with a better QB and more weapons though.

Chargers @ Titans: Chargers
Chargers offense has looked good. Could easily be 2-0. Titans very limited because of quarterback. Charges win close despite good Titans Defense.

Browns @ Vikings: Vikings
Browns offense even more anemic then before without running back Trent Richardson. Vikings win big.

Ravens @ Texans: Texans
Ray Rice possibly out for game. One less weapon for Joe Flacco and his newly constructed offense. Texans win big.

Giants @ Panthers: Giants
Both team struggling below expectations. But ill take the Giants. Better QB, Head Coach and more offensive weapons. I like Cam Newton, for whatever thats worth.

Lions @ Redskins: Redskins
Toss up game. But all hell breaks loose in the nations capitol if redskins start the year 0-3. Defense needs to show up, a must win for Redskins.

Bucs @ Patroits: Bucs
Upset pick. Game will be more about pats loosing the game with lack of continuity between new receiving core.

Cardinals @ Saints: Saints
Hard to beat Brees and the Saints at home despite their lack luster defense. Arizona is better then people may think but won’t be good enough to beat Saints in week 3 on the road.

Bills @ Jets: Jets
Two rookie quarterbacks with few weapons at their disposal. Ill take the rookie QB with the better coach and defense behind him.

Colts @ 49ers: 49ers
Colts offensive line is suspect to say the least. Complete mismatch for 49ers defensive line. 49Ers win big at home.

Jaguars @ Seahawks: Seahawks
Only real question is will the 20 point spread be covered. I say yes. Seahwaks win very big against worst team in the league.

Falcons @ Dolphins: Dolphins
Falcons hobbled offensive at the moment should beat the Dolphins on a good day. But with key players dinged up and missing action Falcons loose to a good Dolphin team. Tannehill on the rise

Raiders @ Broncos: Broncos
Manning at home, more weapons, better defense and the fast pace offense too much for Raiders despite left tackle injury to Broncos.

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