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NFL Picks: Week 4

Baltimore at Buffalo:
Baltimore despite losing Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Anquan Boldin and others still look like a very good team. Stomping Houston last week, 30-9 this Ravens team is for real. I understand no one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills but it’s not even going to matter as the Ravens are going to fly right over this Buffalo team.
Winner: Baltimore

Cincinnati at Cleveland: Brian Hoyer played good last week yes, but it was against the Minnesota Vikings 28th ranked passing defense. The Bengals ranked 12th overall in yards per game are going to cause Hoyer problems.
Winner: Cincinnati

Chicago at Detroit: Not being able to close up the Hakeem Nicks deal with New York hurts the Lions this week as they need a strong number two wide receiver. This Bears team looks really good this year…like favorite to win the NFC good.
Winner: Chicago

Seattle at Houston: I don’t care about Seattle’s struggles on the road, they have the best defense in the NFL by far. As for Houston they struggled against an alright Baltimore team last week which doesn’t compare to this Seahawks team at all. Houston you have a problem…Seattle wins easily.
Winner: Seattle

Indianapolis at Jacksonville: Chad Henne, awful. Blaine Gabbert, awful. Maurice Jones-Drew, 38.3 yards per game?! The stats say it all. Indianapolis in an easy one.
Winner: Indianapolis

New York Giants at Kansas City: Andy Reid knows how to beat the Giants and the way he has this Kansas City team playing is surreal. As for the Giants, their offensive line is equivalent to the pop warner team down the road. Not to mention their running game is awful (Ranked 32nd in the NFL with 133 yards total).
Winner: Kansas City

Pittsburgh at Minnesota: While both teams are just plain terrible this season…Pittsburgh to their defense have a lot of injuries. Getting Le’Veon Bell back should help. At least it should help enough to beat the Vikings.
Winner: Pittsburgh

Arizona at Tampa Bay: I think switching to rookie quarterback, Mike Glennon was a good choice. Josh Freeman just wasn’t cutting it and Glennon was a star at N.C. State. Not to mention, Arizona has the 26th ranked passing defense so Glennon’s debut shouldn’t be that hard of a test.
Winner: Tampa Bay

New York Jets at Tennessee: With Tennessee openly taking offers for wide receiver, Kenny Britt and rookie, Justin Hunter getting the start over Britt things look a lot better for their passing game. Grabbing a game winning catch in the closing seconds to give Tennessee the win over the Chargers last week was nice but Hunter still has to show everyone that he can do that on a weekly basis.
Winner: Tennessee

Philadelphia at Denver: 1) It’s a home game for Denver. 2) Their opponent is Philadelphia. 3) This Broncos team looks like this year’s Super Bowl team. Broncos win easily.
Winner: Denver

Washington at Oakland: I don’t believe that the Redskins could go 0-4 but with Terrelle Pryor under center for the Raiders, I just can’t go against him. This Raiders team is a different team with him in the line-up.
Winner: Oakland

Dallas at San Diego: I’ll admit it…I’m a Cowboys fan. I’ll pick the Cowboys every week saying they remain healthy. But fan or not, it’s the Chargers.
Winner: Dallas

New England at Atlanta: No Rob Gronkowski+ No Danny Amendola= No victory.
Winner: Atlanta

Miami at New Orleans: Undefeated against undefeated. I must say Dolphins head coach, Joe Philbin has this Dolphins team playing very well at 3-0 but with Sean Payton back as coach of the Saints, New Orleans is a scary, scary team.
Winner: New Orleans

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