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San Jose Sharks: Make it or Break it Moment

The San Jose Sharks have given up a 3-0 lead in the series to the Los Angeles Kings. Now on the brink of infamy, will the San Jose Sharks be able to rally and surpass the Kings? Only three teams in NHL history have been able to come back from a three game deficit to win a series. The Sharks are more than capable of preventing this.

Losing tonight would mean they join the minority group of the 1942 Detroit Red Wings, the 1975 Pittsburgh Penguins or the 2010 Boston Bruins who have also given up a three game lead to the Toronto Maple Leafs, the New York Islanders and the Philadelphia Flyers respectively. This is not a group the Sharks want to join.

Who will start in net has yet to be disclosed. “Even if you don’t get the start, I think you have to be ready,” backup goalie Alex Stalock said. “Anything can happen, whether it’s sickness or injury.” And McLellan hasn’t given a firm answer, as of yet, to who will start.

Moving past the previous six games will be vital. McLellan stated, “We’re getting ready now to play Game 7. That’s in the past, and we’ll leave it there.” Exactly what needs to be done, as hard as it may be. Whether it’s forgetting about the controversial goal in Game 6, the two losses prior to that, or simply the hatred most Sharks have towards the Kings, being able to start anew will be an important step.

It seems that Marc-Edouard Vlasic will remain out of the lineup due to injury. Matt Irwin replaced Vlasic on Monday night and McLellan liked what he saw, saying, “he did a very good job, and I thought our D handled itself well for a lot of the game.”  There’s a good chance Irwin will be back on the ice paired up with Dan Boyle this evening. No word has been given about Vlasic’s condition, simply that when he’s healthy he’ll be back on the ice. A typical vague answer during the playoffs.

Rumors abound that McLellan’s job will be on the line if the Sharks do indeed lose. I think this is somewhat farfetched. Let’s just see what tonight holds and then proceed on the rumor trail.

(Photo: Reuters)
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