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FanDuel Guide to Success: Week 4

Andrew Luck has been red hot this season. However do you take him?

Andrew Luck has been red hot this season. However do you take him?

After a successful showing this past weekend on my new favorite website, we’re back at it again and ready to make you some more money. In this weeks slate of games there are plenty of individual mismatches, which we are about to expose and cash in on. Let’s get at it!


Andrew Luck $9,800
Aaron Rodgers $9,500
Drew Brees $9,200
Matt Ryan $8,700
Matthew Staffird $8,600

Quarterback Analysis/Pick

Once again this week I am going to grab my top rated QB regardless of price, I just don’t see value in saving money by going cheaper here. I’m not getting cute with this pick, I’m going with the guy who is guaranteed to have a monster Sunday; Mr. Andrew Luck. Luck led all passers during week 3 with 370 yards through the air and 4 touchdowns with an unreal quarterback rating of 140.4 while completing 31 of 39 passes. Those are Madden numbers, and there is no reason to expect his production to drop at all against a dysfunctional Tennessee squad. Luck also leads the league with 9 passing touchdowns while the Colts running game has only produced a single touchdown on the ground. In a game of skill, this week it’s all about Luck.

Just like last time we have 60k to spend on our squad, Andrew Luck cost us $9,800 leaving us with $50,200 which averages out to $6,275 per player.

Running Backs

Demarco Murray $9,000
Le’Veon Bell $8,800
Lesean McCoy $8,700
Matt Forte $8,600
Jamal Charles $8,300
25. Matt Asiata $6,300

Running Back Analysis/Picks

Last week we took the leagues leading rusher Demarco Murray and it payed off BIG time, this week will be no different. Murray has been getting 25 attempts per game and he’s racked 385 yards on the ground with three touchdowns and an average of 5.1 yards per rush. Tony Romo clearly isn’t back to his old self yet (that might be a good thing) so the cowboys are relying on Murray to carry the bulk of the load on his shoulders. He’s going up against a Saints team who absolutely embarrassed the Cowboys 49-17 last November when they converted an NFL record 40 first downs. Yes, I said FORTY. I’m sure that will serve as extra motivation and cause the Dallas coaching staff to slow down the game by utilizing their run game to avoid a similar result against Brees and the gang. Demarco is the most expensive back this week at a price of $9,000 but he’s well worth it. That leaves us with $41,200 remaining and an average of $5,885 to spend per player.

Our next running back pick is going to be Matt Asiata who is priced at $6,300. He, of course, is starting due the Adrian Peterson being suspended. He is a great pickup this week, he’s caught 8 passes for 84 yards in a touchdown in his short time as the starter. His numbers haven’t blown anyone away yet, but I think he’s in for a big game against a subpar Atlanta Falcons defense who have let up a league-leading 5 touchdowns on the ground. The Vikings, without AP, lack depth at running back so look for Asiata to get all of the carries this Sunday.

We now have $34,900 remaining which leaves us with an average of $5,817 to spend per player.

Wide receivers

Calvin Johnson $9,300
Julio Jones $9,100
Des Bryant $8,900
Brandon Marshall $8,500
Antonio Brown $8,400
Jordy Nelson $8,300
Randall Cobb $8,100
Jeremy Maclin $8,000
Alshon Jeffery $7,600
Steve Smith $6,100
Greg Jennings $5,400

Wide Receiver Analysis/Pick

The first receiver we are going to take this week is Alshon Jeffery of the Chicago Bears. He is priced at $7,600 which is great value for my top rated receiver in week 4. Jeffery was targeted 13 times during the Bears week 3 game against the jets. He is averaging 13.9 yards per reception and he’s Jay Cutlers go-to-guy in the redzone. With Brandon Marshall questionable for the game I expect Alshon to have a monster day. After Alshon we now have $27,300 remaining which leaves us with an average of $5,460 to spend per player.

Our next receiver pick is my personal favorite play of the week. Steve Smith played 13 years in Carolina for the Panthers, he won a Super Bowl and put up ridiculous numbers including over 10,000 yards. And then they cut him. Maybe they thought his career was over, maybe his salary was too high but whatever the reason was Smith will try to make them regret that decision this weekend when he suits up with his new team the Baltimore Ravens. Most players would throw out the old “it’s just another game” line in a situation like this, but that’s not Smiths style and he’s been talking about this game since the minute he signed with the Ravens. In March he was quoted as saying “put your goggles on there’s going to be blood and guts everywhere”. Steve Smith isn’t a guy you want to piss off, and he will prove that this weekend when he fills up the stat sheet. He’s already ranked as the 6th most targeted wideout in the league this year, and you can bet that Joe Flacco will be looking for him every chance he gets.

The Smith pick leaves us with a nice $21,200 and an average of $5,300 to spend per player.

For our last wideout pick we return our focus to the Falcons/Vikings game. Vikings QB Matt Cassel went down last week with a broken foot and he’s going to miss the rest of the season. That may not be the worst thing in the world for the Vikes because now they get an early look at their first round draft pick Teddy Bridegwater. He filled in for Cassel after the injury in week 3, and it was immediately obvious who his favorite receiver is, cue our third WR pick; Greg Jennings. Jennings was targeted 7 times by Bridegwater in the short amount of time he was on the field. I love Jennings in this matchup against the 9th worst pass defense in Atlanta. Jennings is going for a modest $5,400 leaving us with $15,800 to spend on the remaining players with an average of $5,267 per player.

Tight Ends

Jimmy Graham $8,200
Rob Gronkwoski $7,600
Vernon Davis $6,200
Greg Olsen $6,100
Martellus Bennett $6,000

Tight End analysis/pick

We already took Alshon Jeffry from the Bears receiving core, now we are going to snatch up their Tight End Martellus Bennett who is valued at $6,000. We know the Bears love to pass, and Jay Cutler specifically loves throwing to his tight end who he has made the 4th most targeted player at the TE position in the league. He is also the 4th ranked TE this season with 20 receptions for 161 yards and 5 touchdowns. In a game which will definitely be a shootout with two explosive offenses I love Martellus to add to his already great stat line. After this pick we now have $9,800 to spend on our kicker and defense

Kicker/Defensive Analysis/Pick

With our Kicker pick I’m rolling with red-hot Nick Folk. He hit all four of his kicks against the Bears last week, racking up a crazy 15 fantasy points. With Geno Smiths questionable decision making and the Jets redzone struggles, I expect Sunday to be a busy day for Mr. Folk. He was valued at $4,900 leaving us with $4,900 to spend on our defense. If you’ve watched ESPN at all this week then you know how much of a mess the Dolphins are right now, from head coach to quarterback they are in shambles. That is exactly why I’m rolling with the Oakland Raiders defense, which only cost us $4,600. I know this isn’t your grandfathers Raiders defense but it might surprise you that Oakland is actually the 5th rated passing defense in the league. But honestly this pick is more about how dysfunctional the Dolphins offense is rather than how good the Raiders defense is.

This squad is STACKED to make you guys more cash this weekend! Set your rosters, sit back and enjoy some NFL games while your bank account goes up. Let’s take a look at what our final roster looks like:

QB Andrew Luck 
RB Demarco Murray 
RB Matt Asiata 
WR Alshon Jeffery 
WR Steve Smith Sr
WR Greg Jennings 
TE Martellus Bennett 
Kicker Nick Folk 
Defense Oakland Raiders

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