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Cyclones Nailed by Wheeling 4-3

DSC_0074 The Cyclones take the win last night against the Indy fuel in a spectacular display of team work and organization despite the slow start to the game. This evening #1 Sam Brittain (2-0-0-0-0 3.0 gaa @ .887 sv %) takes protection of the net for the Cyclones as the Nailers select #29 Franky Palazzese as their starting goaltender (3-3-0-0-0 3.36 gaa .886%). The Nailers have only 6 games under their belt with 2 games at home while tonight  marks the 3rd home game for the Cyclones (1-1) . The Nailers have done some extensive work with their defense system that has given the fight to their opponents, though they can and do put the puck in the net, so the Cyclones will truly face a rather large challenge tonight versus what they experienced against the Indy fuel last night. First period came smashing through as the hits from Wheeling to the Cyclones came instantly from the face off. The Cyclones struggled to maintain puck control and give Brittain an easy start as the Nailers put the puck in the net first despite Brittain’s rather large size taking up most of the net. The Nailers went up by two minutes later from a well-coordinated odd man rush attack.  DSC_0089 Second period is when the pushing, shoving and hitting hockey fans love really came to life with hits against every board where there was a player to hit. Some jabs and exchange of words brought the sticks down but not the gloves as the lines men were quick to prevent the fight that would happen minutes later. This period turned for the Cyclones in hard core fashion as the Cyclones put 3 pucks in the net on #29 Palazzese before the period was over. The Nailers did not sit on the pine idly as they answered to the first Cyclones goal in 3 minutes but were not able to whip up answering the other two Cyclones goal. As the whistle blows for the end of the period an all team meeting came in front of the Nailers bench due to a hit after the whistle by the Nailers. Words came and went, but no fights to speak of as it took a few minutes for both teams to return to their respective locker rooms. Shots on goal for the Cyclones total 13 at the whistle while the Nailers rack up a small 11.

Third period blows the doors off of the other two periods as it is blatantly obvious that both teams want to win and there is only one way to do it, score goals. With the very few shots on goal from the previous periods, the offensive sides of the ice are hard at work to put quality shots to the net but it would be the defensive sides to really step up and keep the game tied with few shots per side getting to the goaltenders. Wheeling would get a shot to the back of the net nearing the mid-way of the period and that would also become the last goal of the game. Despite the Cyclones efforts of pulling Brittain for the 6th shooter with  seconds to go, it would provide a handful of close calls for goals but the buzzer beat the Cyclones to that tying goal.

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