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Steelers Post Game Comments

Here are some notes from the press conference after the game.

Mike Tomlin

 We just were not sharp enough today.   We talked this week about why the Jets were where they were and it was because they were -15 in the turnover ratio.  Today, they were +4.  That was the difference.

When Tomlin was asked about connecting previous seasons and how this sort of thing(losing to bad teams) has happened and if it is a pattern, his response was…well…short.  “What, minus four and losing, I am sure there is(a pattern).”  “When your minus 4 in the turnover ratio, you have a strong possibility of losing.”

When asked about the play calling and the short passes in the first half, Tomlin said “we have guys running short and deep, some times coverage dictates where the ball goes.”  Later in the quote, ” I’ll have to look at it to be more detailed than that.”

Another summary quote from Tomlin.  “We did not secure the ball or get the ball today, we did not play winning football. ”

Mike Tomlin was asked about James Harrison playing offense, he said it was something they had been working on for several weeks.   And in regards to the pass, was it intended for James, he said, it was not.

Big Ben

Was this as frustrating loss as you remember, “Every loss is frustrating.” When you lose, it’s frustrating.”

When asked about a pattern in losing to losing teams, he said “if there was a pattern, I think we would try to fix it.”

The question came about the offense rolling for the past few weeks before, what was the biggest difference today?  Ben’s response “The turnovers.” He was asked a follow up, Was that it, Ben was quick to say, “that is where it starts.”

When Ben was asked about the throw to Harrison, he said James was not supposed to be in on that play.   Also mentioned how the kicking team started to come out on the field on third down.   He referenced how the players just need to play the right way and being super sharp.

I took some flack today on the twitter machine as several Media members  mentioned the fact that Ben had a bad game but…it was Todd Haley at fault with the play calling.  I had mentioned that if the players executed like they did the previous weeks, we would not be having the conversation.  So, in turn I got absolutely lit up.  With that said, I stand by my opinion.  If you want to see, check it out @pittsportsmonger.



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