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Bruins Alumni Headed to Winchendon School

7815235_orgLast year, one of our very own members, Rachel Villari, took part in the Winchendon School and Jason Ritchie Hockey Foundation’s Winchendon School Hockey Day. A day-long event designed to bring alumni, faculty, staff, parents, friends and families together from all over New England to celebrate the love of hockey and remember the life of Jason Ritchie. Ritchie was a Winchendon School 2005 alumnus who was tragically killed in a car accident in 2009.

To continue and remember Jason’s passion and energy for life, the Ritchie Hockey Foundation was created with the purpose of providing resources for deserving youth who share in Jason’s enthusiasm and love for hockey. Each year since the foundation’s inception, the Ritchie Hockey Foundation and the Winchendon School have partnered to help a Winchendon Hockey student-athlete actualize their dreams of continuing to play in their endeavors into higher education.

This year’s recipient of the  Ritchie Hockey Foundation Scholarship is senior Adam Letarte.  Upon graduation Adam stated that he is pursuing a life-long dream of becoming a pilot. While he has not committed to a school, he is looking for one with an AFROTC program where he can also play hockey. In his acceptance letter to the Foundation he stated;

“To receive a scholarship for commitment, teamwork, and persistence in any area that strengthens someone for success is an honor, but to be awarded a scholarship in the name of Jason Ritchie is a unique honor. The spirit of Jason … his genuine, joyful, task-focused family- and friend-loving spirit … is truly inspiring. I feel that all of Jason’s qualities live on through this scholarship, which is a perfect example of the Ritchie Hockey Foundation’s theme, ‘Life is energy.’”

On February 7, we get to witness this unique bond in action as the Ritchie Hockey Foundation, the Winchendon School and the Bruins Alumni host the Winchendon School Hockey Day of 2015.

Events begin at 10:30AM with a youth goalie clinic that is followed by Winchendon School Women’s Varsity Game at noon.  Following that game is Winchendon School Men’s Varsity Game featuring recipient Adam Letarte.  The final event will feature members of the Winchendon School/Ritchie Hockey Foundation All-Stars against the Boston Bruins Alumni.

To be able to witness all of the fun and action (or see a sneak peak of the Bruins alumni that will be present), you can visit Life is Energy to buy tickets or if you’re really daring, take your chances at playing AGAINST the Bruins alumni in the 5:00 event. As we mentioned, Rachel participated in last year’s event and had a lot of memories to take home with her.  From getting poke-checked by Rick Middleton (and scored on) to mingling with some of Boston’s bests afterwards.

However, it doesn’t matter if you’re a part of the festivities or just a spectator at the events, one thing is for certain. There will be an insurmountable amount of fun-loving people that are all brought together by the same love, the love for hockey. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?!

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