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Troy Polamalu to Retire From Steelers

After 12 seasons with the Black and Gold, Troy Polamalu will reportedly retire from the Steelers.  Many have speculated that the Steelers drove him out of football, but I do not think that is the case.   The facts are these.

Troy was a shell of himself last season.   He does not posses the speed or ability that afforded him the chance to freelance all over the field.  In the last two seasons he has been forced to play more pure safety, and in that role, he just was not able to excel with his diminishing skills.

Time heals all  things, but it does not make you faster and in this case, father time finally caught Troy.  He still have 2 years left on his contract and he reportedly is looking to spend more time with his family. Which makes sense at this point.   Depending on when the Steelers process the paperwork, his departure will help their cap situation opening up as much as $6 million in addition cap space.  At worst, it would be a little over $4 million.

“Thank God football has provided me the ability to be able to sit back and see what the options are. But I’ll definitely be the best father I can be.”

Polamalu added with a laugh: “Maybe it was a sign for me to retire when I chase my kids around and couldn’t catch them. It was either a sign for me to retire or a sign for them to begin training.”(

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