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Steelers: Upon Further Review

After two weeks, the question remains…who are 2015 Pittsburgh Steelers?  Is it the dismal team we saw on opening night against the Patriots, or is it the offensive Juggernaut we saw against what looked to be a completely over matched San Francisco team?  Just like in most situations like this, I believe the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

I do not think the Pittsburgh Steelers have the VERY BEST offense in football.  But I do think they are a top 5 offense.   And if you watched the defense in-game 1 against the Patriots, they looked confused and were out-of-place.  But I do not think this is the worst defense in football.  This past week against San Fran, the defense was much better, but they were not facing Tom Brady…or anything close to that.  They were not facing The Gronk.  The Niners have an average at best offense.  The 40ers defense is rebuilding right now so we really don’t have a great gauge  on that team at all.

We can not, not mention Ryan Shazier.  He had what was his best game as a Steelers Linebacker.  Not to mention, a great game in general.  He was all over the field and was part of 15 tackles.  He was dominant and exciting to watch, which is something the Steelers truly needed from the line backing core.  They needed one of their young guys to step up to help out the ageless wonder, James Harrison.

Ben Roethlisberger had a great game, as did Antonio Brown.  The two of them are unstoppable.  The Steelers also saw Darius Heyward-Bey step forward and have a big game. They also received a big contribution in both the first and second game from running back DeAngelo Williams.  He has been one of their best players through two games.

After the game, Williams was asked about how he feels about his strong performance thus far in the season. All he wanted to talk about was how much better they would be with Le’Veon Bell back in the lineup.  He referred him as the big bull.

There is certainly hope for this season.  Though the season only gets harder as it goes.  They will travel to St Louis to take on Aaron Donald and the Rams.   That defense is very good and could give Big Ben fits with its pressure.  The Steelers will then come home to face the Ravens.   That will be followed by a long flight to San Diego, back home to host the Cardinals and then back on the road to Kansas City where it is never easy to win.

The Steelers may have Martavis Bryant back on the team in week five, though what kind of shape he will be in will be another story.  As mentioned, Bell is already back this week.

The Steelers have their work cut out for them but have tools to make some of that work go a lot easier.  As the week progresses, we will update you on who will be in and who is out for the upcoming game.


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