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Warriors vs. The World



There are players in the Western Conference that could still be a little bitter from last season about the Warriors winning the NBA Finals. Draymond Green and Stephen Curry took to the media this week to defend theirs status as world champions.

Green did take into account that teams like the San Antonio Spurs and OKC Thunder never seem to be the ones complaining or questioning the legitimacy of other’s championships. While Curry had a more joking response, Green seemed pretty adamant saying, “If they saying that, they aren’t the champs. It’s simple. Gregg Popovich didn’t say that. That’s one organization I really respect. And you haven’t heard anybody in they camp say that. You ain’t heard anybody from OKC say that, some of the organizations that I really respect.” Green went on to talk about how there might be some saltiness going around, but those teams are not getting fingers checked for ring sizes.

The stem of the reaction could be from the coach of the Los Angeles Clippers, Doc Rivers, comments to reporter, Zack Lowe of Grantland, saying, “You need luck in the West. Look at Golden State. They didn’t have to play us or the Spurs.” Let’s be honest with ourselves though, the Clippers blew their chances to play the Warriors three times in their series against the Houston Rockets. Klay Thompson said it best, “”I wanted to play the Clippers last year, but they couldn’t handle their business.” The Warriors are all business and it should be expected to see them come out and play with a little chip on their shoulders.

Curry kept with his personality, making light of the whole situation. He jokingly said, “I apologize for us being healthy, I apologize for us playing who was in front of us. I apologize for all the accolades we received as a team and individually. I’m very, truly sorry, and we’ll rectify that situation this year.” With a year like Curry had, he is entitled to have strong opinions about earning the championship and winning NBA MVP. Curry has heard critics on both sides, whether it is James Harden, saying that he deserved to win the MVP trophy last season, or western conference foes saying that the Warrior’s road to the championship was not as hard as some expected. Either way, one thing is for certain, all of these players and coaches are all talk, and until a player, or team can prove to be better than Curry and the Warriors, they have all the leverage.

While the Western Conference, if healthy, could be a little tougher to get through this season, it is hard to say that the Warriors won’t rise above the conference again this season. All in all, we should expect a great season out of this Warrior’s bunch as they look to repeat as world champions.



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