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Week 11: Fantasy Football Top 20 Power Rankings

In the third week of the Fantasy Football Top 20 Power Rankings we have seen a lot of shake-ups.  There are five new faces on the list this week so of course five players also lost their spot on the list.  The top three spots stayed the same but after that some players made big moves to the top and others fell back.  The list still goes off of total points, consistency and double-digit games as well the overall fantasy performance on the year.  Check out the changes this week on the top 20 list.


  1. Tom Brady: Tom Brady put up 18 points in week 10, which is not his best week by far but he has stretched his lead in total points on the year the 33 above the next closest player.  This big lead in total points and Brady’s consistency keeps him at the number one spot.  When 18 points is an unimpressive week you know you have a great player.  Brady will be going up against Rex Ryan and the Bills in week 11, who he torched earlier in the year for 28 fantasy points.


  1. Devonta Freeman: Freeman was on a bye this past week but kept his spot above Gurley and stays at the second spot on the rankings. Freeman has been the most consistent player at the running back position still with eight consecutive double-digit games and some big performances in those eight games.  Gurley needed a big week to pass Freeman while he was off and he didn’t quite put up enough points.


  1. Todd Gurley: The Bears played Gurley great, holding him to only 45 rushing yards but he is such a great fantasy running back that he was still able to score 14 points.  He ended up getting in the end zone on the ground and adding 44 receiving yards to get to 14 points and extend his double-digit point streak to six straight games.  Gurley is clearly a running back you can rely and he keeps the top three players the same for the third straight week.


  1. Antonio Brown: Antonio Brown continues to move up the list, making his way all the up to number four with his second consecutive week of scoring 28 points.  Landry Jones went down with an injury early in the game and Ben Roethlisberger came off the bench to finish, this turned out to be a huge blessing for Antonio Brown owners.  Roethlisberger’s favorite target caught 10 passes for 139 yards and two touchdowns.  He is now the top scoring wide receiver, taking over Julio Jones spot while he was on a bye.  But this week Jones plays while Brown is on a bye so we will see if he can take the top scoring spot back, he is only five points back from Brown.


  1. Adrian Peterson: Peterson had his first 200-yard rushing game of the season, finishing week 10 with 203 yards and a touchdown to go along with 13 receiving yards for 27 fantasy points.  Peterson has also made his way up the rankings moving up from number seven last week and number 12 in week 9.  He now has four straight double-digit games including 19 points last week and 27 this week.  He is now the second highest scoring running back on the season but still 39 points behind Freeman.  The running back position is valuable and if Peterson continues to score like this he will continue to move up the rankings.


  1. Julio Jones: Jones was on a bye but moved back two spots thanks to big performances from Peterson and Brown, but Jones will have a chance to make up those points in week 11 against the Colts.  He has had double-digit points in three straight games and two of those games he got in the end zone.  The Colts are ranked 25th in giving up points to receivers so Julio will have a great chance to have another big game in week 11 and get his top five spot back.


  1. Odell Beckham Jr.: The New York Giants wide receiver continues to slowly move up the rankings, starting at number 10 and now finding his way to number seven.  Beckham Jr. has put together three straight double-digit scoring weeks now including his 16-point performance in week 10.  He was having a slow game but his 87-yard touchdown changed that really quickly.  Beckham Jr. is known for hitting that big play that lights up the scoreboard and fantasy owners have been able to rely on him for this, especially the last three weeks.  Eli Manning knows he can count on Odell Beckham Jr. when he needs a big a play and fantasy owners should continue to see Beckham Jr. climb the rankings because of this.


  1. Rob Gronkowski: Gronk had fallen out of the top ten after his four-point performance in week 9 but he had a huge bounce back game in week 10 with a 17-point performance against the Giants.  This included a 76-yard touchdown that really turned his day around.  Gronk now has double-digit points in four out his last five games with three of those games being over 15 points.  Now with Edelman out with a broken ankle Gronk should see his targets rise dramatically.  Coming to the end of the fantasy regular season and playoffs, Gronk could be one of the most valuable players there is.


  1. Lamar Miller: Lamar Miller has jumped quickly up the rankings; he was left off the list in week 9 and ranked 17 in week 10.  Now Miller moves all the way up to number 9 with his 15-point week 10 performance.  He has now scored over 15 points in four out of his last five games.  This has moved him up to the third highest scoring running back on the year with 120 points total, which is 13 behind Adrian Peterson.  Miller actually only had 43 yards rushing but added 50 yards receiving and a receiving touchdown which jumped up his fantasy score to 15.  If Miller keeps scoring like this he will continue to move up the rankings so quickly.


  1. DeAndre Hopkins: Hopkins moves back to number ten mostly based on the big performances of other players ahead of him rather than a bad performance by him. Hopkins had another double-digit game in week 10, scoring 11 points against the Bengals.  He had only five catches for 57 yards but he got in the end zone with a spectacle catch to make it a solid fantasy performance.  He even did this with backup quarterback T.J. Yates, as Brian Hoyer got hurt.  Odell Beckham Jr. did pass up Hopkins for third highest scoring receiver on the year but only by a point and now with Beckham Jr. and Brown being on a bye in week 11 Hopkins will have his chance to move back up.  We will see what he can do against the Jets and Darrell Revis, another impressive game from Hopkins will certainly move him right back up the rankings but for now he holds his position in the top ten.


  1. Chris Ivory: Ivory had 99 rushing yards and another 36 yards receiving but lost a fumble so he finished with ten fantasy points. This gives him four double-digit scoring games in the last five weeks and proves he is starting to make a bigger play in the receiving game. He is the fifth highest scoring running back on the year and his proving his place in the top ten especially in the last few weeks.  Ivory has been the top rushing back on the Jets all season but now that he is proving to be a powerful presence in the receiving game as well we could be seeing his fantasy scores go up.



  1. Larry Fitzgerald: Going up against Seattle’s defense is not easy on any receiver in the league but Fitzgerald was still able to haul in 10 catches and 130 yards for a 13 point performance. This is Fitzgerald’s second straight double-digit performance and holds his position as the fifth highest scoring receiver on the year.  This moves Fitzgerald up from the 14 spot to number 12 on the rankings, as he continues to prove he can still produce big fantasy performances.  Playing with Carson Palmer is certainly helping him as the Cardinals love to air out the ball and Fitzgerald has become the go to receiver on that team.  The big games should keep rolling in and we can plan on seeing Fitzgerald continue to rise up the rankings.


  • Allen Robinson: Allen Robinson continues to get in the end zone and continues to produce double-digit fantasy games. Every week, just when you think Robinson will fall off, he proves everybody wrong.  The Jacksonville receiver caught five passes for 51 yards and a touchdown and finished with 11 fantasy points on the day.  He now has five straight games of double-digit performances and has scored five touchdowns in that stretch.  Robinson is one of the biggest surprises of the year and he is not even the only Jacksonville receiver having big games.


  1. Mark Ingram: Ingram has fallen down the rankings from number 10 to number 14 after back-to-back 9-point performances. The thing keeping Ingram so high in the rankings is that he is still the fourth highest ranked scoring running back on the year.  Lamar Miller passed him by a point this week but with Ingram on a bye in week 11 he could fall even further back.  Ingram is going to need some big performances when he comes back from the bye week to move back up in the rankings.


  1. Carson Palmer: Palmer played a tough defense, going into Seattle and still scoring 20 points is nothing to smirk at. This moves Palmer up one spot in the rankings and he is the second highest rated quarterback now, passing Phillip Rivers, who lost his spot in the top 20 after his bye week.  Palmer is tied for the third highest scoring quarterback on the year but he is certainly one of the most consistent.  His last two games he scored 29 points and 20 points proving his consistency even against tough teams.  Palmer will have another challenge in week 11, playing the Bengals who are ranked third in points against quarterbacks, but look for Palmer to rise to the challenge once again and put up another solid game.


  1. Allen Hurns: Hurns makes his first appearance on the top 20 rankings this week but he certainly deserves his spot. He caught five passes for 62 yards and a touchdown in week 10 for 12 fantasy points in the game.  This is Hurns third straight double-digit game and his 6th in his last seven games.  He has certainly been on an impressive streak, totaling up 108 points on the year which is good enough for tied for seventh among all receivers, that is only six points behind teammate Allen Robinson.  The two Allen’s in Jacksonville have been great fantasy pickups and don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.


  1. Aaron Rodgers: The Packers may be on a losing streak but Rodgers has been having some of his most impressive fantasy performances. He put up 21 points in the loss this week and 33 in the loss last week to get him to 186 points total on the year which is the second most out of all players.  Rodgers may not be having his best fantasy year but he can no longer be ignored after these last two weeks.  If Rodgers continues to play like this he will be hard to catch at second but no matter what he will have a hard time catching Tom Brady, the only player in front of him, who has 33 points on Rodgers.


  1. Cam Newton: The quarterback of the undefeated Panthers is also making his first appearance on the top 20 list after two big weeks himself. He scored 20 points in week 10 and had 32 points in week 9 to put him at 183 points total and tied for third most among all players.  Newton puts up points not only in the passing game but also in the rushing game as well as he has rushed for four touchdowns in his last five games.  The double threaten weapon makes Newton a top fantasy player this year.


  1. DeMarco Murray: DeMarco Murray makes the list after recording his fourth double-digit performance in five games. He had 61 yards rushing and another 58 yards receiving to total 11 fantasy points in week 10.  In week 9 Murray put up 21 points which put him back in the top ten among highest scoring fantasy running backs and following it up with another double-digit game got him in the top 20.  DeMarco Murray is also a double threat, putting up points both rushing and receiving.  If Murray continues to have double-digit games he will see himself move up the list, and this may be the time as the Eagles may lean on him now that Sam Bradford is hurt.  Murray goes up against Tampa Bay’s defense in week 11.


  1. Brandin Cooks: Cooks has benefited the most from Drew Brees getting hot late in the season. In week 10 Brandin Cooks recorded his third straight double-digit performance to move himself into the top 20 for the first time.  Cooks had five catches for 98 yards and two touchdowns for 23 fantasy points against the Redskins.  He has scored 56 points in the last three weeks and has proved he deserves this spot as the top receiver in the high scoring New Orleans offense.  It always benefits to be Drew Brees top target and Cooks is now tied for the 9th most points among receivers and took Brandon Marshall’s spot in the top 20 after he failed to record a double-digit game in week 10.  Cooks won’t be able to continue this hot streak in week 11 as he will be on a bye but his last three games did get him to the 20th


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