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Week 14: Fantasy Football Top 20 Power Rankings



Week 13 certainly had some fireworks; we saw some new faces light up the fantasy scoreboard and some familiar faces as well.  A couple guys, like Mark Ingram, lost their spot only due to injury, which is unfortunate.  This opened up some spots for new faces that have been quite impressive the past few weeks.  See who moved up the rankings, like Cam Newton, and who moved down, like Todd Gurley, in the new Fantasy Football Power Rankings.


  1. Tom Brady: New England suffered their second straight loss but Tom Brady had another huge fantasy performance.  He continues to lead the league in fantasy points on the year with 286, which is 21 more points than the next closest player.  Brady threw for 312 yards and three touchdowns; he also rushed for a touchdown and had a 36-yard reception.  Brady totaled up 30 fantasy points on the week, this is his second 30-point game on the year.  He continues to be the most consistent fantasy player on the year, scoring the most total points and the most games of 20 points or more.  Brady continues to hold the number one spot 14 weeks into the season.


  1. Cam Newton: Cam Newton is right on the heels on Tom Brady and he has continued to climb up the rankings, moving from the 5th spot all the way up to number two this week.  Newton threw for 331 yards and five touchdowns, as well as rushing for 49 yards for a total of 35 fantasy points.  This is the second time in three games that Newton threw for five touchdowns and had 30 or more fantasy points.  He still has the second most fantasy points on the year and narrowed the gap to 21 points behind Brady now.  Newton will be gunning for the number one spot for the rest of the year and he takes on Atlanta this week trying to keep his high scoring streak alive.


  1. Odell Beckham Jr.: This week we saw the highest scoring fantasy receivers on the year change quite a bit.  Beckham now sits at the number two spot in that category and moves up another spot in the power rankings to number three this week.  He has been the most consistent wide receiver as of late posting another 20-point game this week.  Beckham Jr. had six catches for 149 yards and a touchdown for a total of 20 points.  He now has had seven double-digit performances in eight games, which is very impressive itself, not to mention that five of those games have been more than 15 points.  Odell now has 174 points on the year and he will look to continue his big game performances on Monday Night Football against the Dolphins this week.


  1. Antonio Brown: Another huge game for Antonio Brown in week 13 moves him from number 11 to number three.  The only reason that Brown is not third in the power rankings is because Beckham Jr. has been more consistent.  Brown has the most points among all receivers now after a huge 29-point performance with 178 points on the year.  Brown had eight catches for 118 yards and two touchdowns and also ran back a punt for a touchdown as well.  Brown’s last four games now include a 27-point game, a 28-point game and a 29-point game.  These huge performances have pushed Brown right up the power rankings, now making him a top five player.  He will look to have another huge game in week 14 against the Bengals; last time he played Cincinnati he scored ten fantasy points in week 8.


  1. Devonta Freeman: Freeman falls to number five on the power rankings list, which is the lowest he has ever been.  Freeman had 14 carries for just 47 yards but also caught ten passes for 56 yards for a total of nine fantasy points.  This was Freeman’s first game back from injury and he just barely failed to score in the double-digits.  Freeman still has 185 points on the year, which is the most among all running backs and wide receivers as well.  Freeman will need a big bounce back game to stay in the top five but he has a tough opponent in the Carolina Panthers in week 14, we will see if he get back to the big performances that put him so high in earlier power rankings.


  1. Allen Robinson: The most surprising player in the power rankings, Allen Robinson, refuses to slow down.  Robinson had his biggest game of the year in week 13 against the Titans when he caught 10 passes for 153 yards and three touchdowns for a total of 33 fantasy points.  This gives him 169 points on the year, which is tied for 4th among all wide receivers.  Every week I mention how we never thought we would see Robinson on this list at all and every week he continues to move up, now he has moved from number nine all the way to the sixth spot.  The connection he has with quarterback Blake Bortles is one of the best wide receiver-quarterback combinations in the league.  Robinson plays the Colts in week 14 who are ranked 30th in giving up fantasy points to receivers this year, look for another big game.


  1. DeAndre Hopkins: Hopkins bounced back after a poor week 12 performance and had a great game against the Bills in week 13.  He was actually shut down for the entire first half but it is tough to hold this guy down for an entire game.  Unfortunately for Hopkins many other receivers had even bigger games so Hopkins only moves up one spot to number seven.  Hopkins finished the game against the Bills with five catches for 88 yards and a touchdown and 14 fantasy points.  He bounces back after only having three points in week 13 and now has nine double-digit games out of the 12 he has played in on the year.  Hopkins is the third highest scoring fantasy receiver on the year and will look to move back up the power rankings list against the New England Patriots in week 14.


  1. Adrian Peterson: Peterson had one of the worst performances in week 13 out of anybody on this list.  He went up against the tough Seattle defense and got completely shut down.  Peterson had eight carries for 18 yards and only one fantasy point on the day.  Peterson stated after the game that he felt like he should have gotten more carries but Seattle jumped out to an early lead and it was tough for the Vikings to stick with the running game.  Even after only scoring one point last week Peterson is still the second highest scoring fantasy running back in the league with 172 points on the year, which is why he stays in the top ten in the power rankings.  This bad game slid him back from the number two spot to number eight but you would have to go back at least six weeks for his last bad performance so Peterson stays in the top ten.  He will look to rebound against the Cardinals on Thursday in week 14,


  1. Julio Jones: Julio Jones is another player who has been great all year but had a rough week 12 and was looking for a bounce back.  Jones ended up with eight catches for 93 yards in week 13 against the Bucs and finished with nine fantasy points, missing double-digits by seven yards.  So Jones had a better game in week 13 but with many other wide receivers in the league having huge performances Jones drops in the power rankings from the number four spot all the way to number nine.  Jones is tied with Allen Robinson for the fourth most fantasy points out of all receivers on the year with 169.  But with two straight games under double-digits Julio Jones will need a big performance in week 14 to stay in the top ten.  He will be going up against a tough defense in the Carolina Panthers; we will see what he can do.


  1. Doug Martin: Doug Martin moves from the 14th spot to number ten, back inside the top ten again after a nice week 13 performance against the Falcons.  Martin gets a lot of carries and that helps his fantasy stock and that didn’t change this past week as he got 25 carries.  He finished with 95 yards and a touchdown but he also fumbled and finished with 13 fantasy points.  Martin now is the third highest scoring fantasy running back with 148 points on the year and has three double-digit performances in his last four games.  Martin will look to keep this going against the Saints this week that are ranked 31st in the league in giving up points to running backs.  If he continues to get this many carries he should continue to see high fantasy numbers.


  1. Carson Palmer: The third highest scoring fantasy player in the league, Carson Palmer, jumps from the 16 spot all the way up to number 11.  Palmer had another big game; he threw for 356 yards and two touchdowns for 22 fantasy points.  Palmer now has 246 points on the year and although he is back a few points the Arizona quarterback is next in line chasing Cam Newton and Tom Brady.  He will go up against the Vikings tough defense this week, trying to stay consistent, as he has done all year.


  1. LeSean McCoy: McCoy had another double-digit game in week 13 but he stays at the 12 spot in the power rankings.  This is not necessarily a bad thing; he stays just outside the top ten.  McCoy has proven he can stay consistent, now showing he is still a top fantasy running back.  The Bills running back has scored in the double-digits in five straight games now and six out of his last seven.  He rushed for 112 yards on 21 carries and ended up with 11 fantasy points.  He has been a vital part of the Bills offense lately; it was just his slow start that keeps him a little lower on the rankings than other players.  He has 125 points total on the year, which is only 8th best among running backs.  But if he keeps playing like this there will be no denying he is a top ten fantasy player.


  1. DeAngelo Williams: The Steelers running back who is taking the place of LeVeon Bell has been off and running ever since he got the starting spot.  Williams had 26 carries for 134 yards and finished with 14 fantasy points on the game.  The Steelers obviously trust him, giving him 26 carries and getting him heavily involved in the offense.  He doesn’t let them down either, scoring 30 points in just the last two weeks.  In just six starts on the year, Williams has 122 total points.  He will go up against the Bengals this week in a rivalry game looking to continue his double-digit streak.


  1. Brandon Marshall: Marshall has another big game in week 13 and moves up a spot in the rankings, he is making his case for a top ten spot these past few weeks.  Marshall had 12 catches for 131 yards and a touchdown to finish with 19 fantasy points.  It was a monster game for the Jets top receiver, he also now has scored a touchdown in five straight games.  He has six touchdowns total in those five games and four of them have been double-digit fantasy performances as well.  Marshall goes up against the Titans this week in what could be another big game for the big receiver.


  1. Todd Gurley: After another weak performance Gurley could no longer hold his position in the top ten.  After being as high as number two in the power rankings Gurley now falls to number 15.  Gurley had nine carries for only 41 yards and finished with four fantasy points.  This was actually an improvement from last week where he only scored two fantasy points.  The rookie has hit a rough patch in the season and how he bounces back from this will show if he really is a top fantasy player or not.  The Rams play the Lions this week where Gurley will have a chance to bounce back.


  1. Thomas Rawls: Seattle replaced Marshawn Lynch with another beast, Thomas Rawls has been on an incredible streak.  Since he took over for Lynch as the starter three weeks ago, he has put up 66 fantasy points in those three games.  Averaging 22 points a game in the past three weeks is pretty amazing.  Rawls had 19 carries for 101 yards and a touchdown for a total of 16 fantasy points against the Vikings in week 13.  In every game he has started for Lynch this year he has scored in the double-digits.  Rawls may be another running back in the new breed and could possibly be a top pick next year.  He makes his first appearance in the fantasy power rankings this week.


  1. Jonathan Stewart: Stewart had a big game against the Saints this week along with Cam Newton.  Stewart had 21 carries for 82 yards and a touchdown for 15 fantasy points in week 13.  Stewart now has 125 points on the year and that is tied for 7th best among running backs.  He will look to break out for another big performance against the Falcons this week in a division rivalry matchup.


  1. Eric Decker: Decker stays at number 18 on the power rankings list after posting another double-digit performance.  He had eight catches for 101 yards and ten fantasy points on the day.  He just beats out Cooks to make this list because of his consistency.  He has five double-digit performances in his last six games and he has not scored less than eight in any game he has played in on the year.  With eight touchdowns on the year so far, Decker proves he is more valuable to have in your lineup on a week-to-week basis.


  1. J. Green: Green is back on the power rankings list after posting back-to-back 18-point games.  Green seemed to have some very big games on the year but most of his games were sub-par, which is why he had been left off the list.  But after two weeks straight of big games he can no longer be ignored.  The Bengals top receiver had five catches for 128 yards and a touchdown in week 13.  He has 138 points on the year, which is seventh best among receivers.  Green goes up against the Steelers this week, he will have to prove he can be consistent to stay on this list.


  1. Doug Baldwin: Doug Baldwin is another guy who just beat out Brandin Cooks to make the last spot on the list.  Baldwin has been on a tear, scoring 80 points in the past four weeks.  Averaging 20 points per game the past four weeks gives Baldwin a spot on the power rankings list for the first time.  He had five catches for 94 yards and two touchdowns for a total of 22 fantasy points against the Vikings in week 13.  Baldwin goes up against the weak Baltimore defense this week, we will see if him and the Seahawks can continue to light up the scoreboard like they have been lately.  If so we should see Baldwin continue to move up this list.
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