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Atlanta Hawks

White: Dec. 22nd NBA Power Rankings

  1. Golden State Warriors –
  2. San Antonio Spurs –


  1. Cleveland Cavaliers ^1
  2. Oklahoma City Thunder v1


  1. Atlanta Hawks ^12
  2. Miami Heat ^5
  3. Toronto Raptors ^2
  4. Indiana Pacers –
  5. Detroit Pistons ^6
  6. Dallas Mavericks ^2
  7. Orlando Magic ^3
  8. Houston Rockets ^4
  9. Boston Celtics v3
  10. Chicago Bulls v9
  11. LA Clippers v9
  12. Charlotte Hornets v9
  13. Memphis Grizzlies v4


  1. Utah Jazz ^4
  2. Washington Wizards v1
  3. New York Knicks –
  4. Denver Nuggets ^4
  5. Phoenix Suns ^1
  6. Milwaukee Bucks v2
  7. Sacramento Kings ^2
  8. Minnesota Timberwolves v1
  9. Portland Trailblazers v7


  1. Brooklyn Nets ^1
  2. New Orleans Pelicans v1
  3. LA Lakers –
  4. Philadelphia 76ers –


This year for Power Rankings has been by far the hardest to get a feel for and are often sporadic week to week.  One week a team may be top 5 the next in the middle of the pack.  This is due to many teams being relatively equal talent level and their placement on the power rankings are based purely off the most recent games.  There is a tiered system in place though with the Warriors and the Spurs being locked into the top two spots.  The Cavs and the Thunder hold the third and fourth spots.  The next thirteen ranks are up for grabs each week with the various teams that are almost equal.  The next nine teams are a step behind the third tier teams.  Finally there are the bottom four who have maintained their rank since the second week. Teams that I think can break into the higher tier are Miami Heat making the leap to a permanent top five spot.  The Wizards and Jazz making the leap to the 5-17 scrum or even making it a 5-19 scrum.  If the Hawks, Raptors and Pacers can string together a few strong weeks I could see them forming a new tier between the top five and 9-17.  This has been an exciting season as there seems to be parity in the league again.  You can find out why in my article here(

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