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Chip and Fail?

With their season-ending loss to the Redskins on Saturday night, it has become clear to everyone that Chip Kelly is in way over his head.

Managing a college football program is one thing: selling recruits on your school and your system, running the day-to-day operations of a team and handling relationships with boosters and an athletic director are entirely different from taking a professional football team and trying to treat it like it is Oregon is a whole other. That’s what Kelly has tried to do. The Philadelphia Eagles sport six players from Kelly’s former job, and outside of Kiko Alonso, none of them are particularly good.

With a quick Google search, you can find that I questioned how his game would translate to the NFL back in 2013. The concerns remain the same. The inability to generate consistent momentum, and a lack of effectiveness running the ball with recent acquisition DeMarco Murray have kept the offense at a standstill this season, along with the sub-par play of quarterback Sam Bradford.

The main problem is that the signings and trades have been completely his fault this season. Murray is widely regarded as one of the worst fits for an offense ever, and Bradford’s play suffers for it. When coupled with trying to sign the Seattle Seahawks entire secondary, you have a recipe for disaster.

Kelly recently said in a press conference that he is not in charge of the personnel department, but actually, he is. That’s what the promotion of Howie Roseman to executive vice president of football operations has done. Kelly has absolute authority over both the roster and the schemes, but has treated a roster with former playmakers like Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson as if he’s kicking over his little brother’s Lego set because he believes he can do it better. As long as Kelly has unchecked authority within the Eagles’ organization, the team won’t compete for an NFC East title, let alone a playoff spot.

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