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White: Dec. 30th NBA Power Rankings

  1. Golden State Warriors –  The 29-1 record speaks for itself as to why the Warriors are number 1
  2. San Antonio Spurs –  Duncan is off to his best start and would be number one if not for the historic run by the Warriors
  3. Oklahoma City Thunder ^1 Westbrook is lowkey having one of the greatest years in NBA history, plus they have Durant who is getting back into MVP caliber play
  4. Cleveland Cavaliers v1 After having a close game with the Warriors on Christmas the Cavs were blown out by 29 to the Lillardless Trailblazers takes them down a spot
  5. Indiana Pacers ^3 This week the Pacers are ahead of the pack after back to back wins. Paul George has returned as a top 10 player and is leading his team in the right direction
  6. Atlanta Hawks v1 Despite a loss to the Pacers the Hawks are 7-1 in their last 8 and looking to stay a top seed in the competitive East
  7. Boston Celtics ^6 Four wins straight has Brad Stevens’ Celtics on the come up
  8. Dallas Mavericks ^2 Dirk’s rag tag group of veterans have put together a solid season so far
  9. Houston Rockets ^3 Despite a terrible start Harden has brought his team back from the brink and has them playing a lot better
  10. Orlando Magic ^1 Victor Oladipo and Nikola Vucevic continue to impress
  11. Chicago Bulls ^3 Chicago has solid wins over Toronto and Oklahoma City but terrible loses to New York and Brooklyn this team has to right its way if it wants to stay competitive
  12. Toronto Raptors v5 Toronto dropping isn’t them playing bad it is just teams playing better
  13. LA Clippers ^2 Three wins straight against teams the Clips ‘should’ beat has them gaining a few spots
  14. Miami Heat v8 Three and two in their last five with a terrible loss to Brooklyn and another to Detroit has the Heat falling a bit
  15. Memphis Grizzlies ^2 Memphis has been playing better than their mediocre start
  16. Charlotte Hornets – No Change for Charlotte, two and three in their last five with okay wins and okay losses
  17. Detroit Pistons v8 Down big time after losing a three straight with Jennings coming back soon expect a small bump in their rankings
  18. Utah Jazz – Four and one over their last five not having Gobert in the lineup still hurts
  19. Washington Wizards – Four and one over their last five and John Wall continues to have a great December
  20. Portland Trailblazers ^6 An impressive win over the Cavs and without Lillard has the Blazers up a few
  21. New York Knicks v1 Four straight losses for the Knicks has them dropping a spot
  22. Sacramento Kings ^2 Wins over the Pacers and Raptors show that the Kings can beat competitive teams but their record says they don’t often enough
  23. Denver Nuggets v2 Loses to two bottom three teams has Denver falling a couple spots
  24. Milwaukee Bucks v1 Wins over mediocre teams and losses to better teams spells little change for the Bucks who had a lot of promise coming into the year
  25. Phoenix Suns v3 Phoenix’s playoff window has eclipsed as they’ve missed out the last few years and now Bledsoe is done for the season and Jeff is on the out’s as head coach
  26. Brooklyn Nets ^1 The Nets got one over Miami and Chicago to get them one spot up
  27. Minnesota Timberwolves v2 Four straight losses has Minnesota joining the bottom four teams
  28. New Orleans Pelicans – Taking Miami to overtime and wins in Portland and Houston, seems like Davis is finally living up to this year’s hype and might have his team on the come up
  29. LA Lakers – Coming off four straight loses still can’t overtake the tank that is Philly
  30. Philadelphia 76ers – Still terrible, but doubled their wins against a sinking Phoenix


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