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Yoenis Cespedes Back in New York

Yoenis Cespedes is staying in Queens. Late Friday night, the Mets were able to reach an agreement with the man responsible for turning their 2015 season into one of their most memorable in the last 2 decades.

The deal is a win-win for both parties.

For Cespedes, he gets what any big name free agent would want: a big payday.  His contract is worth 75 million dollars over 3 years, which gives him the highest average salary of any free agent who signed a deal this off-season. The deal also includes an opt-out clause after the first year. Cespedes had made it clear that he was only willing to sign either a long term (5-6 year) deal or a 1-year deal, so this addition to his contract keeps his options open for the future.

As for the Mets, they’re getting exactly what they needed.

The Mets are coming off of a magical 2015 season that saw them reach the World Series for the first time since 2000. The year they had wouldn’t have even been imaginable had it not been for the addition of Cespedes.

The numbers speak for themselves.

In 103 games before acquiring Cespedes, the Mets scored a total of 365 runs. In their 59 games with him, they scored 318.  Before Cespedes the Mets were 53-50 (.514 winning percentage). With him they were 37-22 (.627 WP).

As a Met, Cespedes played in 57 games. He hit .291 with 17 home runs and 44 RBI. He was so good as a Met that he was even being talked about for possible NL MVP honors. Had it not been for Bryce Harper’s monster year, even THAT might have happened.

Not only was Cespedes himself great, but his presence put a spark into the entire team, and the worst offense in baseball turned into the most feared.

Simply put, the New York Mets absolutely needed to re-sign this man if they wanted to have any chance at repeating as National League Champions. Finally, after months of speculation, “La Potencia” is back.

The Mets now have an offense that can hurt you from anywhere in the lineup. That plus their dominant pitching staff, and revamped bullpen could mean trouble for the rest of the National League.

With all that being said, there are other National League teams that improved drastically this winter. Teams like the Giants, Diamondbacks and Cubs have all made moves of their own to get a lot better. However, with Cespedes back in New York, the Mets can now add their name in the running for 2016 National League Champs.

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