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Antonio Brown Says Vontaze Burfict Tried To “Kill Him”

Okay, that came from an interview from this morning on 93.7 the fan.   Later on in the afternoon, local Sports Writer Joe Starkey agreed with him.   I think Vontaze Burfict had intention on hurting Antonio Brown and taking him out of the game.  As an example, We heard earlier this week on Dan Patrick Rodney Harrison explain the way he would defend against Cam Newton would be to take him out, hurt him, go after his knees.   I think that is a common mentality among players in this league.  With that said, I think it is a bold step to say someone tried to kill someone.

Am I defending Vontaze Burfict? Absolutely not, as he is a dirty player that just happens to be a very good football.  With that said, I just am not convinced he attempted to kill anyone.

Here is the quote from Antonio Brown. “They want to take me out. They want to kill. They want to steal my dreams. They want to ruin me. They want to end me. We’re not going to let them. We’re going to win more.”

I think it is important to keep this in to context, on the football field some players play to the beyond the whistle and really do attempt to hurt other players.   But trying to kill each other may be a stretch.  Fact is, if you watch the replay, he hit Brown with his shoulder and hit him hard.  Not nearly as hard as he could have if he would have  squared him up.   Once again, not sticking up for him as I wanted him thrown out of the game, and 4 the suspension he received is not nearly enough.

I am reacting solely to “the kill me” comment.  We love to hear great soundbites from athletes, especially when they are driven by emotion like this one.  I think we all need to step back and realize that Burfict is a despicable human but to accuse him of trying to kill them is not a football topic, it is a legal topic and if he really felt that way he should try to prove it in a court of law.

Did I just go overboard?  Not so much if you consider he just accused a guy of trying to kill him.

Lateral Move: Something else to consider is what the players association is doing about this situation.   They are both part of the same union and are brothers in that union.  But yet, the organization that is supposed to not only represent them but also protect them has done nothing in this particular Incident.  Did the Players association know that Brown thinks he was a target in a kill?   Maybe not, but they do now.

I could rail on the players association for hours, but I won’t as it would do no good.  They bury their head in the sand when it comes to situations like this.   They fight to protect the players from the NFL….so I guess my question is this.  Who is going to protect the players from themselves?   HMMMM…. When someone comes up with that answer…let me know.

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