The Night That Changed The UFC For The Better

The Co-Main Event

In UFC 196 Miesha Tate beat Holly Holm. She exploited the weakness in Holly’s game (her jiu jitsu). She showed why Holly was not a true champion. A champion that expects to hold on to their title cannot have such a glaring weakness in their game. Jon Jones, on the other hand, represents the complete package. He can fight on the ground and he can knock you out at any moment. This is why he is the pound for pound number one fighter in the UFC. Holly clearly showed that she is the better striker, but she is not that good on the ground. Miesha is great at wrestling. She has submissions throughout her career as a UFC fighter. Holly on the other hand is a great boxer and kick boxer but that is it. Miesha was losing the the battle when it was stood up, but she began to win the fight when she got Holly down to the mat. In the post fight press conference, Holly said, “I felt like I had the first, third and fourth rounds”. Miesha needed to take her down and finish her to win. She did just that and now she holds the belt.

The Main Event

Then Conor McGregor lost to Nate Diaz. It was another big upset. Conor said he wanted to finish Nate in the First round, so he came out swinging. Nate’s chin got the best of him but he was able to make it to the second round. In the second round Nate started to open up and get loose and landed a flurry of shots. He got Conor hurt and desperate to stay in the fight. Conor tried to take Nate down, but Nate stuffed it and he ended up on top. He swooped around Conor and ended up mounting him. Conor then twisted around, Nate took his back and got the choke. That was it. It was Nate’s chin and strength that kept him in this fight. In the post fight press conference, Conor said, “It was simply he was efficient with his energy and I was inefficient”.Weight was not the main factor in this fight at all. Conor landed very powerful shots that would have knocked out most people.


This changed the outlook of the UFC for future fights. Now, Conor plans to defend his featherweight belt. In the post fight press conference, Conor said, “I think 145 will be next.” It does not look like the Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey rematch will happen for a while. These matches were great for the UFC, they put UFC on the map. Many celebrities were watching that fight. Having two upsets back to back in one night is unbelievable. It shows how awesome and unpredictable the UFC is. This was one of the most epic fight nights in UFC history.

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