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Tough Day In Pittsburgh Sports, Steelers and Penguins Suffer Major Losses

The Pittsburgh Steelers probably already new this information but it was reported today that Martavis Bryant would be suspended for the entire upcoming season.  Although he and his agent are appealing, he either failed a drug test, or as reported by he failed to show up to several drug tests for personal reasons.  Either way, he is lost for the season which could explain the extension of Heyward-Bey last week.

In the second bit of news, Evgeni Malkin will be lost for 6-8 weeks  with an upper body injury that was caused by a fairly benign hit on the glass.   This will be Malkin’s second trip to the injury list this season and could very possibly be the death note to the Pens season.  They were going to struggle making much of a dent anyways in the playoffs in the 7 or 8th position, add to the matter they will not have one of the 5 best players in hockey on the ice for a couple of months…that’s just game over.

As far as Bryant goes, his inability to take a test when necessary or fail one, is just nothing short of amazing when you consider he has tested positive multiple times throughout his short NFL career.   Regardless the reason for this episode or series of episodes there is obviously something wrong with him on the personal side that needs to be dealt with and I hope for his sake he can get his life together.  In the mean time, the Steelers offense just took another hit.  The other of course was the Heath Miller retirement.

As far as the Malkin goes the frustration level for fans has to be at a fever’s pitch.   His inability to stay on the ice for an entire season, along with the other players that are struggling doing the same is more than a trend or luck.  The Pens GM Jim Rutherford just commented tonight by not only confirming the bad news but referred to Malkin as a “fast healer.”  He may in fact be a fast healer but it will not be fast enough.  Stick a fork in this team, at best this season will end with a one (series) and done in the playoffs.  At worst, they do not make the post season which could be the more likely turnout.  The only saving grace for the Pens is the fact that the team chasing them, the Philly Flyers are not a great team.


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