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NBA Mock Draft : Top 10

1st Pick: Philadelphia 76ers

Ben Simmons/F LSU

There seems to be no argument over who the first pick in the draft will be, and let’s be honest the Sixers need all the help they can get. Simmons has been an absolute maniac when it comes to his success in his game, even with a team like LSU who is a below average SEC school. The Sixers will hopefully help this team get out of a situation that has plagued the city of Philadelphia for many years.


2nd Pick: Los Angeles Lakers

Brandon Ingram/F Duke

Another consensus pick seems to be Brandon Ingram. He has so much potential with his size and abilities, it is a “slam dunk” to draft this kid. The only reservation most of these teams will have when it comes to the “young guns” is their lack of experience. However you would imagine that their young age will help them in the long run when it comes to learning the ends and outs of the Association. Ingram shows a lot of potential and could fit well into a young and growing Lakers team that is beginning to grow with young talent.


3rd Pick: Phoenix Suns

Buddy Hield/G Oklahoma

My personal best option in the draft is Buddy. His athleticism and all out ability to score makes him an NBA-ready pick. He has the ability to fit just about any system you put him in, and with the Suns young team; he could be a great addition. Hield has led the Sooners to an expected deep run in the NCAA Tournament and looks to continue his success at the next level. He has the ability to completely take games over; and with the shooting ability of Devin Booker alongside his skillset, we could be looking at a future problem of a team.


4th Pick: Boston Celtics

Domantas Sabonis/F Gonzaga

This kid seems to be getting better and better as his collegiate career has gone on. Helping lead Gonzaga to several post season runs as well as leading his team off the court as a captain, Sabonis looks to make a huge impact with a team like Boston. The Celtics are a few key players away from being what we once knew them as; an Eastern Conference threat. We have seen what Crowder and Thomas can do together, add in Marcus Smart and someone with Sabonis’ basketball IQ, you have a great chance at making a run in a weak and dwindling Eastern Conference.


5th Pick: Minnesota Timberwolves

Jamal Murray/G Kentucky

Another one-and-done name that all college basketball fans should know is Murray’s. It is no surprise that he goes in the lottery and Minnesota would make quite a bit of sense; especially with another former Wildcat in Carl Anthony-Towns on the team. The Timberwolves are one of the better up and coming teams with a lot of talent to pass around. Ricky Rubio is a veteran guard who has helped lead this team, along side is Andrew Wiggins who has proven to be one of the best young stars in the game. Now don’t forget the young Tyus Jones who could still be a breakout player; and finally add in someone as explosive as Murray, playoffs here we come.


6th Pick: New Orleans Pelicans

Dragan Bender/F Croatia

Bender is known as a 7 footer who can comfortably play the power forward or the center position. He possess a high basketball IQ as well as good ball handling skills. Someone of his size would be great to compliment Anthony Davis as a big man. This could also open up the floor for more shooting from Evans as well as Davis. Bender is also describes as a great pick and roll player as well as an excellent close out defender. For a team like New Orleans, this could be a great fit, especially if he is anything like some of the recent foreign players that have been drafted.


7th Pick: Sacramento Kings

Ivan Rabb/ F California

At 6 foot 10 inches, this kid shows a lot of potential to become a great NBA player. His versatility was shown in his time at Cal and will continue with whatever team he goes too. The Kings have two stars in DeMarcus Cousins and Rajon Rondo; but they need another piece to help them move beyond where they seem to be able to end every season. Someone of this caliber as well as size could really help compliment two all-star players such as Cousins and Rondo.


8th Pick: Denver Nuggets

Kris Dunn/ G Providence

A rare upperclassman in the draft, Dunn has helped Providence make big strides in the Big East as well as the world of college basketball. Dunn is a solid 6-4 and is known for his great play-making abilities as well as his creativity with the ball. He is an excellent defender as well as a very good spot up shooter. Helping a team like the Nuggets who haven’t seemed to have found a building block, could use someone like Dunn to redo this franchise into what it used to be.


9th Pick: Toronto Raptors

Brice Johnson/ F North Carolina

I am aware that most people have Johnson going later in the first round, averaging as the 15th pick overall. But I believe North Carolina’s deep run into the NCAA Tournament will help his draft stock get him into the top-10. Over the years we have seen Brice Johnson become an unstoppable force in the paint both offensively and defensively. I can see the Raptors taking this pick because of the size need in Toronto. Johnson could not only bring them a strong defensive presence but also brings a high amount of versatility to the offensive side complimenting DeRozan and Kyle Lowry.


10th Pick: Orlando Magic

Dejounte Murray/ G Washington

The Magic are continuing their strides at building back a franchise that once had Dwight Howard and Tracy McGrady strutting through the streets of Orlando. In the process they have several promising player beginning to blossom as NBA potential stars. Now it looks that the Magic could be drafting a stud guard from this draft. Murray would be a great addition to this team by adding his lock-down defensive abilities with his impressive ball handling skills. His IQ and decision making are both exceptional, and this young man holds the potential to be a great NBA guard.





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