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Slobberknocker: Blackhawks 3, Blues 4

For some reason, the Blues always seem to stymie the Blackhawks. It’s a crying shame, too, because it makes for frustrated fans who see low-scoring games, and I’m sure it makes for frustrated players who are stonewalled by a good goalie and a team who try to play Whack-A-Mole but with hits instead of a mallet. This fourth game of the series was no different.

The best scoring chance the Blackhawks had in the first 20 minutes was from Artem Anisimov, whose shot just kissed the ice behind the goal line. But then the refs reviewed it, and it actually sat behind the line on edge before flopping over right on the line. The Blues were probably breathing a giant sigh of relief after that call and their early goal from Vladimir Tarasenko. Who said these games weren’t exciting?

In the second period, we found out that Chicago’s hottest club is Crow, where the password is “BAAAAAAANNERMAAAAAAAN!” It has everything:

        • Bad penalties (just horrible officiating all around)
        • Sweaters scoring goals (Marian Hossa’s shot bouncing off of Andrew Shaw’s jersey)
        • Dumb penalties (Andrew Ladd’s interference penalty that led to Tarasenko’s tying goal)
        • Tie games
        • Steve Ott being denied a fight (he was turned down by both Brent Seabrook and Patrick Kane)
        • Something called “Kitten Thinks of Nothing but Murder All Day”: that’s when Corey Crawford has had enough of people plowing into his head and takes his anger out on Robby Fabbri

But it wouldn’t be a Blackhawks game without them completely failing on all levels, right? That’s exactly what they did. They pretty much gave the Blues two unanswered goals before Duncan Keith let a long shot go and deflect off of Tarasenko’s stick and into the net. That was before Shaw’s rancid, horrible, ridiculous, make-you-want-to-light-yourself-on-fire interference penalty.

I won’t post video, but Shaw called the referee a homophobic slur while he was in the Box of Shame. Nice job, jerk, I hope you’re benched/fined/suspended/shipped to deepest, darkest Peru. I suspect we’ve seen the last of him on the team.

Let’s cap off this crap sundae of a game by overturning Alex Steen’s empty net goal because of an offsides play, then having a nice, big scrum right at the end of the game. Look at those penalties!

yay penalties

The series now heads back to St. Louis. There’s going to be an elimination, a Blackhawks win or a murder on Thursday. Not sure which one it’ll be.

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