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NBA Draft Positional Preview: Point Guards

As we approach the NBA Draft, it is difficult not to think about who may be the best at their respected position and what teams may be interested. The first position we will take a look at is the floor general; the point guard. There are plenty of teams in this draft that need a good young player to take over the reins and they have a plethora of options from this incoming draft class. Let’s take a look at the top 5 point guards in the 2016 draft.

5- Gary Payton II

Yes, you have heard this name before. Payton is the son of former NBA star Gary Payton and has successfully made a name for himself at Oregon State. He led the beavers to a great year and NCAA tournament appearance and proved to be one of the best point guards in the country. He was praised for his fantastic defense and his ability to be a do it all type of player. He is very well rounded and has potential to be a break out scorer. Expect him to be a late second rounder or undrafted free agent.

4- Tyler Ulis

Ulis was the guy that led the Kentucky Wildcats into battle each and every game this year and he did an amazing job. He has incredible speed and ball handling talent to back up his natural leadership qualities. His knowledge is higher than anyone else’s and has fantastic instincts that makes him very tough to stop. The main issue many people have with him is his size and strength but many guards have done much more with even less. Expect him to go mid-late first round.

3- Demetrius Jackson

Jackson is a player that I personally have come to love after watching him the past 2 years at Notre Dame. He has an extremely high basketball IQ to go along with back breaking speed and amazing defensive instincts. He is also a great shooter and a player you can rely on to come through down the stretch and not ghost out of the game. However, the biggest assest he may bring to a team is his character and his leadership characteristics. I have full confidence he will be a great NBA starter. Expect him to go middle of the first round.

2- Jamal Murray

Murray is tricky to peg because he can be considered a one or a two guard, but for now we will call him a one guard. Murray played alongside Ulis this year and while he did not show the same leadership skills as Ulis, he definitely showed the basketball skill. He has amazing floor vision and passing abilities, while also maintain a deadly three point shot. He was a little inconsistent but he was also a freshman so that was to be expected. I think he will be a top 10 pick

1- Kris Dunn

At the beginning of the season, I saw Dunn as the best point guard in the country and after watching him this season, my opinion has not wavered. He has great size for a point guard, fantastic ball handling skills and is one of the best defenders in the draft. I feel he is one of the few guys in this draft that can make an immediate impact no matter where they go and that is why I feel he will be a top 5 draft pick.

Others to watch out for: Kay Felder, Melo Trimble, Yogi Ferrel


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