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NBA Free Agency: Southeast Division

Atlanta Hawks:
Atlanta Hawks have a total of four free agents and I expect everyone to return besides one.Al Horford wants to leave, but the Hawks will push and try their best to keep Horford. Atlanta will need help in the paint if Horford leaves. Some of the best free agents I believe should go to Atlanta are: Dwight Howard,Festus Ezeli, Gary Neal and Kirk Hinrick.Dwight Howard would help the Hawks interior out a lot. As of recently the Hawks have traded Jeff Teague to Indiana.

Charlotte Hornets:
The Hornets have five free agents and won’t be able to bring every single player back. As Lin opted out of his contract I believe behind him will be Tyler Hansbrough and possibly Al Jefferson. The Hornets will have to bring back Nic Batum and Courtney Lee who helped out tremendously in the playoffs. Ideally, look for the Hornets to go after a backup point guard for Kemba Walkerand another veteran big man as in Dwight Howard or again Festus Ezeli.

Miami Heat:
Miami Heat. The Heat only have four players under contact for next season which is a big problem. Hassan Whiteside will leave Miami if they don’t offer him the money he wants. Wade [Dwayne] will stay with Miami and Joe Johnson will leave Miami to team up with a championship contenting team.

Orlando Magic:
Orlando Magic will go after former big man Dwight Howard. They also will go after some depth to come off the bench. Matthew Dellavedovawill be a great player to come off the bench for the Magic. The Magic recently acquiredSerge Ibaka.

Washington Wizards:
Washington Wizards need a depth coming from the bigs. Kevin Durant is definitely not going Washington so scratch his name of the list for possible free agents going to the Wizards. Look for a big name big man make his way into Washington and expect big money.


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