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BOLD NBA Free Agency Predictions

I’m sure you’ve already have read about 100 different NBA free agency prediction pieces trying to prep yourself. I’m also sure you’ve banged your head against the wall trying to understand why your favorite team enjoys torturing you by saying they’re interested in Kevin Durant when they have no chance to sign him. *Cough* New York Knicks *Cough* so lets have some fun here and kill some time. It’s a beautiful time of year to be an NBA fan as hope is instilled in you only if it does last for a mere few days. So it’s time for you to enjoy my extremely bold NBA free agency predictions.


  1. Dwight Howard returns to Orlando and repairs what’s left of his image.

 The man whose game we fell in love with the Orlando Magic returns to his old stomping grounds. His name has been dragged through the mud the last few years and he decides the only way to fix his image is return to his former team and do what made him a name in this league. Dunks, rebounds, blocks shots and cheeses a whole bunch on his way to being universally accepted again.


  1. Al Horford takes a massive pay cut and signs with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Now wouldn’t this be interesting. There is no feasible way for the Thunder to sign Horford to the max deal he’s expected to receive AND bring back Kevin Durant. So the Thunder pull a complete LA Clippers move and trap Al Horford in his former coach Billy Donavon’s house and force him to take a pay cut. (Extremely bold and beautiful prediction) At this point this news makes the rounds and we’re stuck wondering why no one is trying to help him. Horford eventually signs with the Thunder and bolsters their already strong team with hopes of bring back Durant. (We’ll get to him later)


  1. Banana Boat crew hook up in LA with the Clippers.

 LeBron James and Dwyane Wade say bye-bye to their teams and head out west. They first decide to link up in Miami so they can take the banana boat. Before they had a chance to leave, news breaks that Blake Griffin was packaged in a deal that includes Carmelo Anthony. LeBron and Dwyane travel north in the boat to scoop up Melo and then head west to team up with longtime friend Chris Paul to build the greatest 2k team — err, NBA team in history.


  1. Kevin Durant chooses…Green?

 Last but not least, Kevin Durant ends up in Celtic green. The Celtics convince him that they’ll have the next two #1 picks in the draft and they’ll be able to sign two more All Star caliber level talents to join him. He becomes sold and is recognized on the same level as Tom Brady in New England. (This is the least far-fetched prediction yet but still bold indeed.)

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