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Dwyane Wade is A Bull

After days of scheduled meetings and new teams, free-agent guard, Dwyane Wade has committed to a deal with the Chicago Bulls.

“This was not an easy decision, but I feel I have made the right choice,” Wade said in a letter released to The Associated Press.

“Watching the Bulls growing up inspired me at an early age to pursue my dream of becoming a basketball player,” Wade wrote. “My most treasured memories were watching my dad play basketball on the courts of Fermi Elementary School and developing my game at the Blue Island Recreation Center. I have never forgotten where I came from, and I am thankful to have an opportunity to play for the team that first fueled my love of the game.”

The deal is reportedly a two-year, $47 million deal. As for the Miami Heat, who Wade played all 13 seasons with offered Wade $40 million for two years.

The richest offer Wade received was a two-year $52 million deal from the Denver Nuggets.

Pat Riley texted ESPN’s Dan Le Batard for a story in the Miami Herald.

“SADDDDDDD!!!! SO saddddddd!” Riley’s text said. “I will never forget the sixth game in Dallas in 2006. DW rebounded the ball, and threw it to the heavens and the Heat universe was perfect for that moment. Our first world championship. Our universe is not perfect today. It will be fraught with anger, judgment, blame instead of THANK YOU!!! Ten years ago. Ten years older. Ten years wiser. Ten years changed. All of us.

“Dwyane had a choice, and he made it. He went home,” Riley’s text continued. “Bad, bad summer for us. But there will be another 10 years, and it will be someone or something else in 2026. Move on with no blood or tears. Just thanks. I truly loved Dwyane, but families grow, change and get on with another life. He will always be a part of us. ALWAYS! And no more bruises and enough fighting. Let’s just fly above it if we can and never forget. I feel his pain and pride for what pushed him over the ledge. Been there. Forever, for always, your coach I will be. FOREVER!”

Wade averaged 19 points 4.6 assists and 4.1 rebounds per game last season.

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