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Top 5 Quarterbacks Going Into the 2016-17 NFL Season

There are many great quarterbacks  in the NFL, some of which are obviously better than others. Below is a ranking of the top quarterbacks in the league:


Number One – Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers): What more can I say? Aaron Rodgers is an absolute beast, a one in a lifetime quarterback. The two-time MVP and Super Bowl champion is 32, but hasn’t started his whole career, as he spent his first three seasons behind legendary Brett Favre. You know that a quarterback is great when he has a season of 31 touch downs an eight interceptions and it is said to be an “off year”.


Number Two – Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers): Cam Newton really came into his own last year, winning the NFL MVP, but he did come up short in Super Bowl 50. Remember this, he is still very young and I believe that he has now hit his prime, and can improve this season, as he has more weapons.


Number Three – Tom Brady (New England Patriots): Brady is the ultimate veteran standard in the league, alongside Drew Brees. Brady will be suspended for the first four games of the season, but he can still easily put up good numbers this year, I mean, come on he is a four-time Super Bowl Champion.


Number Four – Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks): Wilson, number 17 on the NFL top 100 is a very good quarterback, I mean the guy has a ring already, and I think he will have more chances to add to his trophy case. I also think that Jimmy Graham will be back and better than ever for him this season. Wilson will be very good in the upcoming season, great defense backing him also.


Number Five – Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints): Brees is a guy who has really posted that much in the past few years. Mainly because he really doesn’t have much when it comes to weapons and defense. I think, from a talent prospective, he is one of the best in the business, a Super Bowl champion. Very loyal.


Honorable Mentions:


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