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Bruins Need to Focus on Chemistry

David Krejci

“I was more disappointed that we weren’t able to keep Loui. I felt like we had some good chemistry going”-David Krejci

Today the Boston Bruins held their first informal skate of the year at the Warrior Ice Arena and while talks should have been about how they liked their new facility, the key topic of conversation was Jimmy Vesey.  Vesey was slated to join the Bruins after a recruiting session held a few weeks ago with players such as Torey Krug and David Krejci giving him the Boston experience.  However, after a few days, Vesey pulled the proverbial rug out from under the Bruins and decided that the New York Rangers would be a better fit for him.

When Krejci, who was proposed to be Vesey’s centerman, was asked about the choice made by the Harvard graduate, he simply stated;

“I wasn’t really disappointed with that guy. Obviously I’d heard he was a good player, but he has to prove himself on the NHL level. I was more disappointed that we weren’t able to keep Loui. I felt like we had some good chemistry going,” in reference to Loui Eriksson, his line mate last season. “It was tough to see him go, but I’m getting kind of used to seeing my guys, my favorite guys, going away [like] Milan [Lucic], Nathan [Horton] and [Jarome] Iginla.”

Now, as Bruins fans, we are all still sore about the players that have been dealt away over the course of the last two seasons.  Some could even argue that the Seguin deal was the beginning of the Bruins demise.  Yet hearing David Krejci, a player who generally keeps to himself, speak of getting used to seeing guys leave, guys that he has formed a chemistry with, we have to wonder, does the management really have the teams’ best interest at heart?

Granted, we all know that at some point the possibility exists that our favorite players are going to get traded away.  It’s the cold, hard truth about getting attached to a team, the players can be indispensable.  However, while our hearts have broken over the loss of Shawn Thornton, Andrew Ference, Milan Lucic, Johnny Boychuk and yes, even Tyler Seguin, have any of us stopped to think about how those losses have affected the remaining members of the team?

Think about it for a second.  Last season was despicable, and while we can blame it on Tuukka Rask being soft or Zdeno Chara being too old and should hang up the skates, we are forgetting key information.  One; a team consists of more than just one or two players, it takes a team to win a game.  Second; chemistry.

Chemistry is what makes the lines what they are, it’s how players flow together and talk on the ice perhaps without even really talking.  It’s how a center knows that he can send a pass up the ice and his forward is going to intercept it and make a break for the net.  With players coming and going faster than Chara’s slapshot, line chemistry goes out the window and you’re forced to start at square one over and over and over again.  Imagine what that must be like on a player like David Krejci, who has had to adapt his game numerous times and still gets criticized when the team isn’t winning or his line isn’t producing.  It’s going to wear on you.

“So I’m going to have to play my game, and find chemistry with whoever is going to play on my line”said Krejci.

While Vesey was some fun chatter for the off-season, we still don’t know what to expect out of the Bruins this season.  It is likely that we could see another season where the Bruins struggle to find their identity and produce the chemisry that was lacking for the majority of last season.  Let’s hope that with the extended off-season the Bruins were able to get in shape and bring us a much different outcome for this season.

I mean, I enjoy a Stanley Cup parade in my home state as much as the next person (Congratulations Brian Dumoulin), I’d be much more delighted seeing the correct black and yellow jerseys hoist the Cup this season.

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