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“Sometimes you’re flush and sometimes you’re bust. When you’re up, it’s never as good as it seems. When you’re down, you’ll feel like you’ll never be up again. But life goes on.”

 Up until recently, that quote hadn’t spoken true volumes to me, and I’ve seen the movie Blow probably 100 times.

 Life has a funny way of taking through the doldrums in order to bring you to the “promised land.” Not saying I’ve made it quite that far, but compared to where I was about two years ago, the paradigm couldn’t be more opposite. I can’t sit here and say the last 22 months of my life have been excruciatingly dismal…there have been some slight triumphs. However; not matter exactly how many times I came out on top, there was always another one or two events that knocked me off my pedestal. It became increasingly difficult for me to strive forward because it felt as if things were piling on top of one another.

 For nearly two years, I was beginning to thrive in an industry where it is pretty hard to gain notoriety. Just as quickly as I was starting to gain steam, a brick wall was put up in front of me halting all of the momentum I had built up. All the praise I was getting from peers for a job well-done was going unnoticed by the higher ups in the company I was employed by. No matter how hard I tried to help both myself and the station, everything I pitched was met with hesitation and doubtfulness. Whether they actually saw value in me or not is anyone’s guess. Many people, myself included, felt as if I was being held back. After a few incidents, including the one that led to my dismissal where I had zero control of the occurrence, I fell into a black hole of depression, angst and spitefulness towards my former employers. Bound and determined, I set out to prove them all wrong, but it wasn’t as easy out of the gate.

B phone 426

 After nearly a year and a half of applications, interviews, stress & setbacks; I got a phone call one June afternoon offering me an opportunity I had been yearning for: an opportunity to thrive in a school system and the opportunity to coach my favorite sport that is baseball. It was the culmination of finally earning myself something I had worked tirelessly for in order to move on from a bad place I was at in my life. Financial issues, broken relationships, substance abuse, depression…it was all there. It seemed that no matter how hard I was trying, my efforts were all for naught and I kept slipping back into the same bad habits holding me back. Once I received that phone call; it was like a 5000-pound weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It felt great to be called upon to work with some of the great students and faculty I’ve had the chance to get to know over the past couple of weeks. I’d be lying if I told you every day has been a breeze; but no career worth having is. The best is yet to come with this, folks. Stay tuned.

 As it pertains to this website and radio network, what can you expect going forward?

If any of you can recall, I hosted a podcast called The Beach Shack here on and the Sports Monger Radio Network. While I was getting a decent amount of downloads and listens, I felt as if I was trying to prove something to former employers and listeners of the station I used to work for. I was the hamster on the wheel; spinning, but not going anywhere. After taking a year hiatus to focus on my health and my duties in other areas of my life, with a big thanks to Brian Stefan and Jason Havelka, has brought me back on board as the official ACC writer and host. My Carolina roots and affiliations would seem to make me an ideal candidate for this role. The Beach Shack will be getting rebranded with a new format; specifically covering the ACC for the upcoming football season where we have two legit National Championship contenders in Florida State and Clemson; as well as ACC basketball season, because covering the best conference in college basketball writes itself.

 If I’ve managed to intrigue some of you sports fans who are newer to this site, welcome aboard! Being able to do this more as a hobby and less of trying to prove a point or pander for a job at another broadcast station will ensure this project will be more enjoyable.

 First show drops this Wednesday, previewing the Atlantic and Coastal divisions, and looking at the prominent nonconference matchups for this upcoming weekend.

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