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Straight From Coach with Andy Reid: Week 1

Opening Statement: “Okay, as far as the injuries go, those guys that are listed here will be out: [Sam] Barrington with a hamstring, Tardif with the high ankle sprain, Parker [Ehinger] with a concussion, and then, Tamba [Hali] did not practice today, but he will go ahead and play. We rested him up today; he’s had a couple good days of work. So, with that, we look forward to having the opportunity to play the Texans. The guys have had a good week of practice. They know they’re going up against a good football team, and that’s the way they have prepared themselves this week.”


Q:  How are you listing Jamaal Charles tomorrow?


REID: “He will be listed as doubtful.”


Q:  You said the plan for him earlier in the week was that he was mostly scout team, but maybe some first team stuff – was that how the week went?


REID: “He went mostly scout team stuff.”


Q:  When Jamaal Charles comes back, do you anticipate working all three guys in the mix or slowly work Jamaal back into the game?


REID: “When he’s ready to go, he’ll be a pretty good player. So, when he’s ready to go, he’ll be ready to go.”


Q:  So, you have to bring one or more of your offensive lineman up?


REID: “Yeah, [John] Dorsey is dealing with all of that. I’ll see what he does with all that.”


Q: Have you ever gone into a game with just six [offensive linemen] – can you do that?


REID: “I think I’ve done it once before. I can’t tell you that it’s my favorite thing to do.”


Q:  Is this where the depth of your offensive line comes into play?


REID: “Yeah, it does. We have a good group there. Some guys that have some experience, so it becomes important in a situation like this.”


Q:  Now that the Hall of Fame list came out, what do you think since there were some familiar faces on the list?


REID: “Yeah, there are some guys that I had the pleasure of coaching that were on it a couple times the year before, but the new ones, Donovan [McNabb] and Dawk [Brian Dawkins], I’m proud of them. What a great honor. They need to be in the Hall of Fame. I’ve been around some good players – some Hall of Fame players – those guys are very deserving of it. Without them, the Eagles weren’t the Eagles at that time.”

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