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Rumor Has It- Brad Marchand to the Penguins?

There is no question that last season Brad Marchand made a reputable name for himself.  He left the honeybadger title back in 2011 and finally matured into the player we suspected he could be.  Marchand, 26, is coming off of a career-high season, netting 37 goals and 24 assists.  He’s also having a stellar time playing for Team Canada in the World Cup playing alongside Patrice Bergeron and Sidney Crosby. However, despite having such great numbers, the Bruins still haven’t made any mentionable movements to sign him, which could bring them some trouble.

Sure, Cam Neely has stated that he would like to have a deal done before the beginning of the season;

“We’d like to get Brad signed. We’ve made that clear to him, and we’ve made that clear to his agency. I know Don has been working with their group to a get a deal done,” said Neely on CSN’s Great American Hockey Show podcast. “We’d like to get something done before the start of the season.”

The start of the season is only a couple weeks away and there have been no further talks in regards to signing the forward.

If any of you have had the opportunity to watch the World Cup games and have seen Team Canada in action, then I don’t have to explain to you the idealism of Crosby and Marchand being linemates.  Granted, we as Bruins fans know that Bergeron and Marchand are a significant pair themselves, but to see him along Sidney Crosby, the best player in the league is phenomenal.

If any of you keep up with more than just the Bruins, then you know that there are also rumors circulating that Marc Andre-Fleury could be on the move, giving Pittsburgh some money to spend.  Especially coming off of a Cup winning season, the Penguins are a key contender to steal the ball of hate out from under the Bruins noses.

While I don’t expect Marchand to hit 37+ goals every season, it is safe to say that he can at least be held accountable for 30 goals each season, given his skill set and time on the power play unit.  He has curved the way he plays the game to be more accommodating to the always changing NHL rules on physicality.

“He’s got to play on the edge, and he’s the guy that nobody wants to play against but you want to have on your team.” Crosby told Stephen Whyno of the Big Story

Given recent signings around the league for similar players to Marchand, he should be looking at a 7-year deal in the $7million range.  It’s obvious that Crosby knows his worth, having the opportunity to play alongside him in the World Cup, and his team organization without a doubt has their eye on him.  However, it is yet to be seen if the two Nova Scotia natives will converse and make a rumor reality.

Let us hope for the sake of Boston that the Bruins organization makes their move and quick to seal the deal and make Marchand a core player they mold a team around as they have been stating for the past three months.

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